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Lisk Enters New Development Phase: Will Reach Full Scale Interoperability and Expand Into DeFi in 2022

Lisk Enters New Development Phase: Will Reach Full-Scale Interoperability and Expand Into DeFi in 2022
Lisk will unlock full-scale interoperability with other leading blockchain protocols in 2022, and expand into DeFi with the launch of the Lisk DEX

Lisk, the scalable, sustainable, and secure blockchain network built for business adoption, will offer full interoperability with other layer 1 blockchain protocols. The company unveiled a raft of developmental milestones — culminating with the launch of Lisk Diamond, the ultimate phase of the Lisk interoperability roadmap — at its AmpliFire event in Berlin on December 2nd. Attendees were also among the first to hear details about Lisk’s planned expansion into DeFi with the imminent launch of the Lisk Decentralized Exchange (DEX), in addition to a new fiat on ramp facility allowing users to exchange fiat currency for LSK tokens.

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Max Kordek, CEO and Co-founder of Lisk, said: “The ultimate goal of the Lisk roadmap is to expand our interoperability protocol to third party blockchains for full ecosystem interoperability. These platform developments and updates put us right on target to deliver a new era of blockchain development based on interoperability as we work towards Lisk Diamond, the ultimate phase of our interoperability roadmap. Thanks to the continued growth and support from our partners and the Lisk community, we are delighted to expand our offering to further bolster the burgeoning DeFi market with our Lisk DEX.”

The next step in Lisk’s interoperability solution will enable Lisk sidechains to connect with the mainchain, providing a fully functional ecosystem for decentralized applications to interact and transact with each other. The Lisk Diamond phase will then go live with the implementation of Lisk bridges that will connect the Lisk platform to other leading blockchain protocols, enhancing the scalability of the entire industry.

Lisk also announced a string of new partnerships with high profile names in the space, including upcoming collaborations with Binance and DappRadar. With Binance, Lisk will run several education campaigns to support the next generation of developers to build blockchain applications in JavaScript and increase the user outreach. With DappRadar, Lisk will be fully integrated on the DappRadar platform to bring visibility and insight among all the decentralized applications running on Lisk. Participants of the USD1.3m Lisk Grant Program, including Colecti, DoEdu, Enevti, and Kalipo also joined the stage to talk about how they are using the Lisk SDK to power their respective projects and reach new heights.

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Finally, the AmpliFire event saw the winners of HackOnLisk2 receive $60,000 USD in cumulative prize funding, which were handed out across two main categories in DeFi and GameFi, including partner awards selected by DappRadar and Binance, and community choice awards selected by the Lisk community. Lisk’s emphasis on recognising and identifying stand out blockchain projects, with the support of an industry leading judging panel, illustrate Lisk’s mission to financially support blockchain innovation.

Lisk is an open-source blockchain application platform and was founded by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows in 2016 and raised over 14,000 Bitcoin (BTC) in its initial coin offering, making it one of the most successful crowdfunds at that time. With a goal of making blockchain technology accessible for everyone, Lisk’s software development kit (SDK) allows developers to build blockchain applications in JavaScript, the world’s most widely used programming language.

Lisk is an industry leader in blockchain interoperability and will allow for the deployment of side chains onto the Lisk blockchain, enabling blockchain applications to scale while still connecting to the wider Lisk ecosystem.

The Lisk network is operated using a highly efficient delegated proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, which is secured by democratically elected delegates and maintains a significantly lower energy consumption than proof-of-work networks, such as Bitcoin.

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