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Megatoken Announces Lifetime Electricity Tokenization for Bitcoin Mining

MegaToken (HPW) has announced that they have started tokenizing electricity with the support of the processing power of the Bitcoin network. With MegaToken, one can now mine Bitcoin through staking tokens without worrying about infrastructure, maintenance, updates, etc. Based on the latest changes in network difficulties and total hash rates, the next halving time for the Bitcoin network will be March 21, 2024. In this event, the reward for mining each Bitcoin block will decrease from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC. By examining the history of Bitcoin halving updates, an increase in the demand for mining can be predicted. To create equal access for everyone, spread out the mining centers, and maximize profitability, MegaToken has started to tokenize electricity with the support of the processing power of the Bitcoin network.

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MegaToken has tokenized 100 megawatts of electricity equipped with miners to mine Bitcoin. A total of 100 million tokens have been created, with each token equaling one watt of electricity. Tokens will be released gradually once the required electricity is supplied, and there will be no tokens lacking electricity. With each token, the user can mine Bitcoin for life without worrying about maintenance.

With the growth of technology, miner devices are updated and replaced with new ones. Since each token is equivalent to a constant watt of electricity, the user will gain access to increased mining capacity and power over time. Rest assured that completely green electricity is used in this project, and MegaToken, taking into account the costs of electricity production, governmental regulations, and human resources as three important indices of profitability in the mining industry, has set up Bitcoin mining farms in the most suitable places in the world to maximize mining profits.

In MegaToken, the mined Bitcoins are deposited daily into the user’s account, from which the user can easily withdraw them.

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