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Scotty the AI Is New Top Dog Meme Coin, $SCOTTY Raises $600k in 72 Hours

Scotty the AI Is New Top Dog Meme Coin, $SCOTTY Raises $600k in 72 Hours

Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY), crypto’s goodest boy, more than deserves the $600k treat early investors have given him in the days-old token presale. You see, Scotty the AI is a new face on the dog-inspired meme coin turf, but he’s a little different.

Rather than capitalizing just on the loyalty of his followers like certain canine meme coins, he’s rewarding his army with his unconditional loyalty as their on-chain, AI-powered guard dog.

Now, Scotty wants to become the number one face in blockchain security, fraud and risk mitigation, and he has a clever-boy plan to do it.

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Early supporters have already poured over $595,000 into $SCOTTY’s ongoing presale as it enters stage 6.

The protocol’s underlying $SCOTTY token is currently selling for $0.0058, but interested buyers need to move fast. The token’s price rises to $0.00605 in nine days as it moves to the next stage, so there’s no time to lose to catch the biggest bark in crypto AI.

So, how exactly does Scotty the AI stand out from other lovable meme coins that have carved themselves a reputation with their hefty market caps?

To begin with, Scotty isn’t a Shiba Inu, so that already puts him in different territory to the doge-inspired DOGE, SHIB and BONK projects.

Scotty is a Scottish Terrier, harking back to the days when his kind patrolled the Highlands. He’s no fool, either. While his dog coin rivals trade on dim-witted source material, Scottyboy wants you to know he’s quick and clever. He has to be, to patrol his digital realm.

Beneath his thick, jet-black fur is an agile threat-detecting AI system that tirelessly ensures the integrity of the cryptoverse by sniffing out potential threats, suspicious transactions, network anomalies, and security breaches.

Scotty Is A Reactive AI Swap Engine And Chatbot

Two applications are central to Scotty the AI’s ecosystem, with another still to come. As a security protocol, Scotty the AI’s token swap engine and chatbot bring advanced AI-powered cybersecurity onto the chain.

Scotty’s swap engine taps AI to analyze blockchain data and identify threats before executing seamless and secure token swaps. With his sixth sense for deceit and his lightning-fast agility, he can identify and flag suspicious transactions, enabling him to stop fraud before it happens.

As a chatbot, Scotty the AI is a security oracle. He has patrolled blockchain’s wildlands long enough to recall every transaction, block, and hash ever recorded.

Scotty is agile like only blockchain’s guard dog has to be. He has lightning-fast reflexes and can easily pick up the scent of activities that threaten his blockchain’s integrity. He understands security systems and encryption algorithms and can detect abnormalities, anomalies and firewall vulnerabilities.

As a handsome boy, he’s also the star of an upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game. Further details, including gameplay, will be announced later, but the project’s developers have put Scotty at the heart of a game that aims for a wide target audience.

Everyone Can Trust $SCOTTYs Fundamentals

Scotty the AI’s $SCOTTY token is created on Ethereum. It’s the deflationary meme coin—so its supply decreases over time—powering a protocol with real utility that merges two of the biggest emerging technologies into one service: AI and blockchain analytics.

$SCOTTY is minted to the ERC-20 token standard, ensuring wide accessibility and interoperability. Its total supply is capped at 1,734,567,890, some 40% of which have been allocated to an ongoing presale hard-capped at $5.1 million. A further 20% is allocated to staking over a period of 3 years.

With its fixed supply, $SCOTTY is a form of digital gold akin to Bitcoin, but with added utility. No tokens are allocated to the team and all liquidity keys are permanently burned in order to better align project and community interests.

According to the project’s whitepaper, the team will strategically list $SCOTTY via popular DEXs like Uniswap and CEXs like BitMart before the launch of Scotty Swap and the beta version of Scotty’s dChat.

The team will also list the tokens on popular data aggregating websites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to further enhance Scotty’s visibility.

The final phase of Scotty’s rollout is the “Blockchain Takeover”. This is the moment when the team will launch the protocol’s own proprietary blockchain.

Scotty’s Takeover signifies the last significant milestone in the ecosystem’s launch as it transitions to a fully decentralized and community-governed platform.

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