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The Next Billion Dollar Fintech Opportunities at the 4th Annual FINTECHTALK Conference on October 23rd and Host iValley Announces the Launch of SpaceTechTalk

The Next Billion Dollar Fintech Opportunities at the 4th Annual FINTECHTALK Conference on October 23rd and Host iValley Announces the Launch of SpaceTechTalk

Fintech Unicorns, Startups, Venture Capitalists, Internet Firms and Financial Institutions Will Discuss Next Billion Dollar Fintech Opportunities in Spacetech and Climate Financing; What’s Next in Consumer Lending, Payments, Challenger Banks, Capital Markets, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

iValley Innovation Center, a corporate focused FinTech accelerator will host its annual FINTECHTALK covering a broad range of topics on the next generation of fintech and financial services.

“Fintech is becoming more mainstream and we are seeing more verticalization as it matures. While there are still opportunities in the first generation of fintech areas such as payments, lending, challenger banks and such we see the next wave of fintech innovation in emerging areas such as SpaceTech, Climate financing and Sustainability. SpaceTech is the next trillion dollar business that requires new models in financing, insurance and payments that are moonshot fintech opportunities,” said Paddy Ramanathan, founder and managing director of iValley Innovation Center.

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FINTECHTALK this year will explore perspective from fintech unicorns, financial services and startups ranging in topics from fintech areas like consumer lending, payments, challenger banks to what’s next in crypto-currencies and how Blockchain is disinter-mediating lending and securitization. “Blockchain is changing the world of finance and Provenance is leading the way. As the largest production blockchain, we are executing global transactions with improved efficiency, reduced risk and fewer third parties. With the successful demonstration of quantifiable savings, we expect the adoption of blockchain technology by financial institutions to accelerate at an increasing rate,” said Zev Shimko – Director, at Figure who is delivering one of the keynote addresses.

Several startups will be pitching to a panel of venture capitalists and corporate innovators as part of the Startup Launchpad segment, a platform to connect with investors, partners and mentors.

“FinTech is a hotbed of innovation with a number of startups and established companies launching strong, differentiated offerings to the marketplace. But one big challenge for companies across the board is to transform this innovation into a repeatable and scalable go-to-market motion. I look forward to sharing a proven playbook on how to thoughtfully drive a go-to-market motion across the areas of awareness, acquisition and advocacy for long-term success,” said Chandar Pattabhiram – CMO of Coupa who is delivering one of the keynote addresses.

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At the event, iValley will launch a platform for Space Technology in the East San Francisco Bay Area. The platform will include a space asset registry- a foundational blockchain based registry of space assets, and an event in the fall of 2020 that intersects space, internet and fintech.

“There is an economic boom about to happen here in the East Bay as the last frontier left in the Bay Area. Space technology is going to play a key part of this boom as we see humanity create sustainable, prosperous and enlightened civilizations here on Earth and wherever humanity ventures outside the Earth,” said John Cumbers – CEO, Synbiobeta who is delivering one of the keynote addresses.

The Inclusive innovation track which is part of iValley’s mission to broaden the participation of minorities, women, veterans and neuro-diverse populations in the innovation and startup economy will see a former US Marine Corps leader (Special Operations), and a two-time team USA Olympian speak about how their training and background helps their current employer in fintech. The track also features neuro-diverse populations or differently abled individuals and their propensity to do well as entrepreneurs.

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