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Varsity Chips Creates the First NFT Collection To Celebrate High School Athletes

Varsity Chips Creates the First NFT Collection To Celebrate High School Athletes

Varsity Chips, the first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collection to celebrate high school athletes, launches to celebrate a shared love of high school teams, athletes, and communities, as well as the passion that makes high school athletics special to so many.

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We believe that everyone, including high school athletes should be able to monetize their own name, image, and likeness. Varsity Chips owns the full rights to all footage and photos used for our NFT’s, but we still intend on compensating every athlete who is featured, because it is the right thing to do. While state rules prevent us from entering into agreements with high school student athletes in many states (including Texas), we are setting aside a portion of revenue and a collection of NFT’s for every athlete featured as soon as we are allowed to per their local state rules (usually after the completion of the season of the last sport they will be participating in at the high school level or graduation of high school).

In addition to the monetary value, we are here to educate these athletes on marketing and the potential from them to monetize their brand in the metaverse and through NFT’s. We will work with athletes and their families to provide resources to further educate them on NIL Marketing, NFT’s, Cryptocurrencies, and Personal Finance.

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NFT’s have broken into the sports space in a big way, giving fans, collectors, athletes, artists and investors a new and innovative way to own or sell a piece of sports history. The blockchain has allowed Varsity Chips to create a one of a kind (non-fungible) digital asset to represent anything from an image to a 3-D video. This market is in its infancy, but already garnering transactions only before seen in the international art market. The sales volume for NFT’s hit $2.5 billion in the first six months of 2021, up from a total of $13.7 million in all of 2020.

“High school athletes represent everything that is good about competitive sports. If an athlete is currently playing in high school, the potential upside of what they might become is at its all time high. And for most current college or professional athletes, they will tell you that playing high school sports was the most fun they’ve every had, and now fans will have the opportunity to commemorate and own those special moments. We anticipate that the demand for high school athlete NFT’s will excite the current and future marketplace by bridging the gap between systemic NFT purchases and the avid sports fan.” says Shane Hildreth, CEO of Varsity Chips.

To buy Varsity Chips, pack drops will be available on Individual NFT “Chips” can also be bought from other community members on the secondary market on  Community members also have a line for constant conversation in the hosted discord channel

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