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NetSfere Named to NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) To Advance UK Healthcare Digitization

NetSfere Named to NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) To Advance UK Healthcare Digitization
NetSfere has earned a place in the NHS SBS Patient/Citizen Communication and Engagement Solutions Framework of £250 million through which all NHS organizations can access communication platforms

NetSfere , a global provider of next-generation secure and compatible messaging and mobility solutions, has been named an approved communication provider to the Patient/Citizen Communication and Engagement Solutions Framework NHS Shared Business Service (NHS SBS), under which NHS organizations and the UK public sector can contract for services.

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Through the £250 million structure designed to improve patient interactions and promote the digitization of the UK healthcare system, all NHS organizations have access to the NetSfere product portfolio.
The framework aims to provide a simple, effective, efficient and market-compatible route to providing communication methods for engaging with patients, citizens and the workforce across NHS organizations and broader public sector bodies.

“NetSfere’s primary focus has been to help healthcare organizations simplify communications safely and efficiently,” said Franz Obermayer, vice president of NetSfere UK and Europe. “As part of the Patient/Citizen Engagement and Communications Solutions Framework, NetSfere platforms are available to support NHS organizations’ needs for large-scale digital tools as the healthcare system seeks to improve efficiency and clinical safety to increase patient satisfaction and address concerns that have arisen from the pandemic.”
Providing multiple ways to streamline internal and external communications for NHS organisations, the NetSfere platform is the leading enterprise mobile messaging service providing all preferred means of communication – text, video and voice – on an encrypted platform. With omni-channel and emergency alert capabilities, the NetSfere portfolio offers the most holistic, secure and complete communication solution on the market.

“The coronavirus pandemic has increased the complexity of patient appointments and waiting lists,” said Adam Nickerson, Senior Category Manager for Digital and IT, NHS Shared Business Services. “Our Patient/Citizen Engagement and Communications Solutions Framework is designed to respond to the need within the NHS for better pre- and post-schedule communications, to reduce urgent appointment delays and improve the patient journey, pathway and care .”

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Addressing the need for compliant and efficient internal communication methods, NetSfere Enterprise presents solutions that empower employees with powerful enterprise-class messaging technology, eliminating the need to use risky, consumer-grade messaging applications. Built with full IT encryption and control, the platform complies with global regulations and provides businesses with a private, highly secure, reliable, centrally managed and controlled cloud-based messaging service.

On the patient communication side, NetSfere Omnichannel enables digital customer engagement from a single, multi-channel platform to orchestrate the customer communication journey, including one-way and two-way SMS, MMS and RCS messages, push notifications, voice, email and social networking messages. The platform offers key benefits such as intelligent routing and cost optimization, content management, number validation for increased open rates, complete enterprise administration controls, advanced analytics and data archiving. The platform protects medical staff and patients with the highest level of security and meets all regulatory compliance standards including HIPAA, GDPR and PCI DSS.

NHS organizations can also implement the NetSfere Lifeline through the framework. The solution allows companies to send critical, high-priority messages to target teams or the entire enterprise to spread emergency information in a flashy fashion. Messages can include text, images or locations, ensuring that all essential information can be shared quickly in critical situations.

As one of the selected vendors, NetSfere solutions were accepted in five batches: Digital Communication (online), Email, SMS, Workforce Communication and Integral Multifunctional Solutions.

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