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Numerati Partners Invited Geospatial Insight to Present at the Second InsurTech Alliance (ITA) Science & Engineering Expo

Numerati Partners Invited Geospatial Insight to Present at the Second InsurTech Alliance (ITA) Science & Engineering Expo

Geospatial Insight was one of three firms invited to present technology offerings at the InsurTech Alliance (ITA) Science & Engineering Expo (Expo), co-hosted by Numerati Partners on January 30, 2020 in New York City. The ITA is a collaboration between Numerati Partners, a New York-based data analytics and technology enablement firm, which seeks to foster the next generation of data-intensive risk and liability management enterprises in risk technology (RiskTech), and leading global reinsurance broker Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC, a founder of the ITA. In collaboration with Numerati Partners, Guy Carpenter expands its insurance technology (InsurTech) offering through the ITA, in order to serve client needs for engagement with the dynamic, rapidly evolving InsurTech sector.

Geospatial Insight which provides geo-intelligence products, services and software, was one of the three technology offerings with which Numerati Partners conducted a deep-dive Proof-of-Concept (PoC) technical assessment and proposed for further engagement with Guy Carpenter, the ITA, and the broader insurance and reinsurance sector. Geospatial Insight develops and applies machine learning methodologies, and other techniques, to analyze global image data sources.

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David Fox, Geospatial Insight Co-Founder and CEO, presented a deep dive demo of their offerings, and then participated, with representatives from two other Numerati Partners PoC Cohort firms in a Q&A session about the unique experience of participating in a Numerati Partners PoC, in addition to a prospective pilot discussion.

“We found the Numerati Partners PoC process to be rigorous, challenging and ultimately rewarding – it made us take a long, hard look at our processes and methods – and then improve them as a result. The scope and utility of the solutions we deliver to our insurance clients have benefitted enormously,” said David Fox, Geospatial Insight Co-Founder and CEO.

The second Expo highlights the completion of Numerati Partners’ first cycle with the ITA, in addition to the concurrently ongoing second cycle. During the first cycle, Numerati Partners conducted five deep-dive technical assessments — Proofs-of-Concept (PoCs) — of emerging technology offerings, performed research on another 60 technology offerings, and created quarterly bootcamps comprised of hands-on technical and scientific demonstrations, presentations and exhibits.

The Numerati Partners bootcamps, including substantive interactive presentations focusing on automotive telematics, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cybersecurity, were designed in conjunction with scientists, engineers and technologists enlisted from the Numerati Partners ecosystem of technical experts at the leading edge of their respective fields including those associated with RiskEcon Lab @ Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU.

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“The 2020 InsurTech Alliance Science & Engineering Expo demonstrates our ongoing commitment to advancement at the leading edge of rigorous, substantive, science-based, and industry-focused innovation which is relevant across the global insurance and reinsurance sector. We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Guy Carpenter via the InsurTech Alliance, and anticipate further progress in our shared goal of advancement in the insurance technology sector,” said Samantha Kappagoda, Co-Managing Member of Numerati Partners.

“Prudent adoption and responsible deployment of technology by insurers and reinsurers require ongoing commitment to technical assessment by specialists and functional testing by experts at a fundamental level, as a foundation for reliable insurance and reinsurance innovation,” said David K.A. Mordecai, PhD, Co-Managing Member of Numerati Partners.

Rob Bentley, Chief Executive Officer of Global Strategic Advisory at Guy Carpenter said, “Numerati Partners and its ecosystem of academics, scientists, and engineers conduct extensive and objective reviews of the emerging digital technologies, as well as deep dives into designated InsurTech companies and their supporting technologies, products, and services. It is this science-based, innovative and collaborative model that enables insurers to distinguish between good technology and bad, identify credible InsurTech partners, and anticipate the underwriting implications of these new digital technologies.”

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