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ProfitStars Enhances Financial Performance Suite to Enable Stronger Risk Management

ProfitStars Enhances Financial Performance Suite to Enable Stronger Risk Management

Hosted ALM Solution Allows Banks and Credit Unions to Optimize Profitability and Better Manage Risk

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Its ProfitStars division announced that it has expanded the Financial Performance Suite to include an  integrated, cloud-hosted asset liability management (ALM) solution for banks and credit unions to more proactively and effectively manage risk.

ALM is the most important aspect of an institution’s risk management framework. ProfitStars’ cloud-hosted ALM solution integrates both sides of the balance sheet to more successfully and accurately manage interest rate, market, and liquidity risk, enabling institutions to be more strategic in their risk management approach. It is part of the broader Financial Performance Suite, a financial management platform that centralizes traditionally siloed information systems to enable greater collaboration across all finance, lending and risk functions. By allowing individuals from accounting, finance, lending and marketing to access valuable tools and information in one place, the suite helps to increase efficiency as well as transparency between departments for smarter decision making.

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Portland, Maine-based cPort Credit Union has partnered with ProfitStars for more than 15 years and leverages a Jack Henry core platform. The credit union recently began using the suite’s new ALM component. Kelsey Marquis, senior vice president and chief financial officer of the credit union, stated, “Processes that used to be manual, such as liquidity functions, are now automated and streamlined, creating new efficiencies for us and reducing the risk of human error. The expanded functionality can help our credit union more easily account for market variances or compare different scenarios to gauge the potential for risk and determine the path to greatest profitability. Plus, the solution is extremely intuitive and user friendly, which made the onboarding experience seamless and minimized training time.”

The ALM component works in tandem with the suite’s financial reporting and forecasting functionality, allowing institutions to simplify balance sheet planning and projections while providing a comprehensive, flexible budgeting system. Such integration streamlines and simplifies the strategic planning process and helps ensure financial performance data remains consistent and actionable.

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Russ Bernthal, vice president of Jack Henry & Associates and president of ProfitStars, commented, “As the financial industry continues to move toward agile information delivery systems, it will become even more important to enable open communication and visibility between the finance, lending and risk departments. With our enhanced financial management platform and scalable, cloud-hosted ALM solution, our bank and credit union partners will be able to strengthen risk management, optimize profitability and reduce their regulatory burden with confidence.”

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