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Orion’s Inaugural Wealthtech Survey Heralds Strong Year for Tech Investments

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Despite macro headwinds, 47% of advisor respondents plan to increase investment in client-facing technology to save time and money, deliver bespoke experiences, and drive growth Orion Advisor Solutions, the premier provider of transformative wealthtech solutions for fiduciary advisors, has unveiled the results of its inaugural wealthtech survey during the opening......
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The Gap Between AI And Blockchain Has Finally Been Bridged With The Arrival Of OxAI

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AI holds revolutionary power in its hands. Its incorporation into any sector of the world has always proven to be beneficial. According to statistics, this innovation holds the potential to add a whopping $13 trillion to the global GDP by 2030 and what’s more, it can add almost 133 million......
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The Future of Blockchain AI is Here – Meet ChainGPT The Most Advanced AI Model Designed For Blockchain Technology And Crypto

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AI technology is a quickly growing industry with many innovations and amazing solutions that change the way everyone operates. It affects almost every single industry, from writers, illustrators, programmers, educators, search engines, it changed the game forever. Until recently there wasn’t an AI tool for Blockchain and Crypto related topics,......
Artificial Intelligence Fintech Funding News Closes A-Round Funding With Additional $6 Million Investment from Khosla Ventures, Totaling $20.8 Million

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AI-powered SaaS platform,, to use the additional investment to further already rapid growth accelerated by momentum in the generative AI technological landscape, the generative AI software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that streamlines enterprise organizations’ content creation workflows, announced that it has closed its A Round with an additional $6 million investment......
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AI In Forecasting

Fintech Analyst
What Is Business Forecasting?    Before we get into the application of AI and ML, let’s understand first what is business forecasting and how it works. It can be defined as a process of using time series data for the estimation and prediction of future developments in areas such as sales,......
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ThetaRay and Piie Collaborate in AI Technology for Insurance Payments

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Insurtech startup to integrate ThetaRay AML solution to provide risk protection and insights for the insurance industry ThetaRay, a leading provider of AI-powered transaction monitoring technology, and Piie, Inc., an insurtech providing an intelligent payment engine, announced a collaboration to implement an advanced AML solution for insurance claim payments. “ThetaRay’s......
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Lion Announces It Will Explore ChatGPT Related AI & NLP Technologies To Empower Digital Program

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Lion Group Holding Ltd., operator of an all-in-one trading platform that offers a wide spectrum of products and services and developer of new growth products that include SPAC sponsorship, NFT, and metaverse-related initiatives, announced the Company will deep dive into chat generative pre-trained transformer (“ChatGPT”, Natural Language Processing) technology  to......
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How AI Is Driving Ecommerce App Development

Fintech Staff Writer
In this article, we shall be covering out our best about AI and how it is driving Ecommerce App development. It shall give a good insight into the best applications of AI in Ecommerce. Snapshot Of AI Artificial Intelligence is a concept that dominates the world of technology. Although it......
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AI Smart Chain Ecosystem Launches, Bringing Artificial Intelligence To Crypto Space

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AI Smart Chain Ecosystem, a project based on ETH blockchain, has launched its token $AISC, as its first step towards building its entire ecosystem that will consist of AI Smart chain and various AI Dapps. AI Meets Blockchain – $AISC $AISC token with a total supply of 1 Million was......
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UTB Bot Unveils A New Way To Leverage Automation And Cryptocurrencies

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With its innovative product, UTB Bot, users can now benefit from an ecosystem of features. This bot makes it easier than ever to manage cryptocurrencies through the Telegram app. The team introduced an AI-driven algorithm for monetizing traffic and a unique ladder system for creating prize pools. UTB Bot provides......