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Aquila Clouds Introduces FinOps ChatGenie with DataGenie Partnership, Redefining Cloud Financial Management

Aquila Clouds Introduces FinOps ChatGenie with DataGenie Partnership, Redefining Cloud Financial Management

Aquila Clouds, a frontrunner in cloud financial management solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement through its collaboration with DataGenie. This partnership brings forth ChatGenie, an innovative augmented intelligence and contextual insights solution integrated into Aquila Clouds’ FinOps platform.

ChatGenie marks a pioneering leap in FinOps technology, enabling users to effortlessly query cloud data, request reports, and receive autonomous insights in a natural conversational interface. By harnessing augmented AI and contextual analytics from DataGenie, Aquila Clouds sets a new industry standard for efficiency and transparency in managing cloud financials.

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“ChatGenie transcends traditional analytics tools by providing contextual insights that unravel the complexities of cloud financial data,” said Suchit Kaura, Co-Founder and CEO of Aquila Clouds. “This integration of augmented AI with our robust FinOps platform not only enhances user experience but also delivers actionable intelligence, empowering enterprises to make informed decisions with unprecedented ease.”

Karthikeyan Muthukumar, Founder and CEO of DataGenie, emphasized, “Aquila Clouds FinOps ChatGenie leverages advanced AI techniques like GenAI and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to autonomously analyze cloud consumption data. It identifies crucial insights and presents them as actionable data stories, revolutionizing decision-making in cloud management.”

Aquila Clouds FinOps ChatGenie is now available for purchase as an add-on, promising enhanced operational efficiencies and deeper insights for enterprises navigating complex cloud environments.

Aquila Clouds is a cloud financial management solution that enables managed service providers, cloud resellers, and enterprises to manage billing and optimize cloud costs and performance. We help organizations that are invested in public clouds to monitor and optimize their cloud deployments and automate their billing operations. Our FinOps and BillOps solutions apply data analytics and AI/ML techniques to achieve continuous monitoring and continuous optimization that has delivered over 20% in cloud cost savings and reduced billing operation time by as much as 82%.

DataGenie is a leader in Decision Intelligence recognized in multiple Gartner reports. DataGenie is trusted by businesses to deliver easy to understand and actionable data insights autonomously, ensuring they unlock the full potential of their vast & complex data assets in a cost-effective manner.

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