Cloud Digital News partners with a leading Web3 agency to build Nordic Media House announced its strategic partnership with Lunar Strategy, one of Europe’s leading Web3 marketing agencies. This marks the beginning of a collaborative partnership to expand the Nordic media house,

NORN’s mission is to onboard the Nordics to the NFT and Web3 world through information, education, and helping people take basic first steps into the space.

Our Co-Founder, Vahid Toosi, acquired our top-level domains, and a few years back, and that’s where the vision started taking shape: informing, educating, and onboarding the Nordics onto Web3.  said Vincent Weckström, CEO & co-founder of NORN.

“We are the Nordic hub for everything NFTs and Web3. We are currently building up our publishing business and media house, focusing on information and education, lifting Nordic projects onto the global stage, and helping global projects gain a Nordic presence. We are shaping the global Web3 landscape with Nordic values, as all of our team members have grown up in Nordic countries and hold our values very dear.” he added.

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State of Nordic Web3 Market

The Nordic economies are among the world’s most digitized economies, which means they can benefit from Web3. However, this can only happen through a robust plan to help people grasp the basics.

Commenting on the state of the Nordic Web3 market, Viggo Stenseth, the Co-founder & CTO of NORN, said, “To be frank, I think we are a bit behind. A lot of the great things and opportunities with blockchain technology that have been drivers in other parts of the world have yet to be that appealing here in the Nordic countries. This is, of course, my subjective take on the matter. We have unusually high trust in our government, institutions, and banks. In the Nordics, we accept things that have “always been.” It’s normal not to be able to transfer money on a Sunday… Because that’s how it’s been. Right?”

“There is still a lot of work needed to reduce friction and lower the barrier to entry. Too many unfamiliar and “scary” steps are still needed from users. Choosing a wallet, downloading it, generating seed phrases, transferring money between exchanges, and figuring out who to trust. These friction points are great opportunities for improvements where we can provide services and build products.” he added.

What does this Partnership mean?

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Lunar Strategy, a top European Web3 marketing agency, will support NORN’s mission of onboarding the Nordics onto Web3. The partnership will include marketing, growth hacking phases, and strategic partnerships that will accelerate NORN’s vision of becoming a leading Nordic Web3 media house. For NORN and Lunar Strategy, this is the first step in a long journey together.

To build through the current crypto winter and grow into the next bull market, the NORN team is raising funds to speed up the process of building a top Nordic Web3 media house.

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