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Bitcoin Well Launches an Educational Curriculum in Partnership With Prominent Online University

Bitcoin Well Launches an Educational Curriculum in Partnership With Prominent Online University

Bitcoin Well , a company providing convenient, secure and reliable ways to buy, sell and use bitcoin, is pleased to announce the launch of Bitcoin Academy, a free online educational curriculum, created in partnership with PowerED by Athabasca University and local award winning creative agency, Sticks & Stones. The interactive programming was designed to offer relevant and reliable information about Bitcoin to individuals looking for personal or professional development within this growing FinTech sector.

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Company Mission

At Bitcoin Well, our mission has been refined to reflect our commitment to thought leadership within the bitcoin industry. We have set out to shift the relationship that society has with money by offering an ecosystem of products and services that make Bitcoin accessible and understood. Our ecosystem includes the following 3 pillars:

· Pillar #1 | Non-Custodial Financial Services (buy, sell and use bitcoin)
· Pillar #2 | Technology Development
· Pillar #3 | Education

Bitcoin Academy

Adam O’Brien, the Founder and CEO of Bitcoin Well is an advocate for empowering and educating society on the benefits of financial sovereignty through non-custodial purchases of bitcoin; such is the Bitcoin Well business model. This is why the creation of a trusted educational resource that explains the role Bitcoin could play in the financial health and wellbeing of individuals around the world, was a natural strategic focus for the Edmonton-based executive.

“When I started exploring Bitcoin, it was very difficult to find reliable resources,” said Adam O’Brien. “I was scammed more than once, and had to use YouTube videos, blog posts, books and online forums to teach myself about Bitcoin. Bitcoin Academy was created to be a fun and approachable educational curriculum, offering fact-based insights from industry experts, all in one place. We’ve found through research performed by IPSOS last summer that education was the number one barrier for a new Bitcoin user, the Bitcoin Academy should alleviate that.”

When evaluating the best approach to creating the course, Bitcoin Well contacted the education experts at PowerED, by Athabasca University. As Canada’s online university, AU is dedicated to removing barriers that restrict access to university-level study; much like Bitcoin Well is invested in breaking down the boundaries of the traditional financial industry. To create a free professional development program, focused on expanding society’s understanding of Bitcoin, it became clear that PowerED was the team to support the Bitcoin Well content experts with the course structure and development.

“This project really demonstrates the power of collaboration and expertise,” added Ian Stephenson, Business Development Officer with PowerED. “It has been exciting partnering with both Bitcoin Well and Sticks & Stones to create activities and interactions that can demystify Bitcoin to make the concepts of cryptocurrency more relatable. The is a program that is engaging and approachable but most importantly, informative. This program is really going to resonate with people.”

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For the course design, Sticks & Stones was engaged to deliver beautiful creative elements that support the content in making bitcoin easy for anyone to understand. Bitcoin Academy uses a variety of interactive written content, podcasts with industry experts, videos, images, case studies and infographics to keep the course interesting. It also covers the controversial topics current and new users will want to learn more about, like pop culture, influencers, fraud, compliance, regulations and the environment.

“Learning about Bitcoin for the first time can feel like getting dropped into the middle of a maze. Working with the teams at Bitcoin Well and PowerED by Athabasca University, we were excited to bring our skillset as creatives and storytellers to help make Bitcoin make sense for the average viewer — to give them a map through that maze,” said Matthew Gresiuk, Principal Account Director at Sticks & Stones. “There’s a wealth of knowledge in this course, and through this partnership we think we’ve made it equally engaging as it is informative.”

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