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BlockFills Partners with TPAC Capital to Launch Cryptocurrency Structured Product Capabilities for Institutions

BlockFills Partners with TPAC Capital to Launch Cryptocurrency Structured Product Capabilities for Institutions

Chicago-based Fintech company, BlockFills has announced its partnership with TPAC Capital to offer institutions with cryptocurrency structured product solutions. TPAC is the cryptocurrency joint venture of Pack Creek Capital, LLC and Finance Michigan, Inc., both of whom are commodities industry leaders.

The latest partnership enables global institutions to leverage tailored cryptocurrency structured product solutions in their investment portfolios and offer such structured product solutions to their clients.

What are Structured Products?

Structured products are a combination of options (puts and calls) combined into a pre-packaged trade. These trades are not offered on “legacy” or decentralized finance (DeFi) exchanges at this time and are considered “over-the-counter” (OTC) in legacy markets. The pre-packaged trade is negotiated between BlockFills and the prospective institutional client.

The primary benefit of using Blockfill’s structured product solutions is customization.

Specifically, these solutions give institutions the ability to define risk parameters by customizing size, time-frame, desired payout and duration of the trade. Structured products also offer an alternative liquidity source.

BlockFills is a disruptive financial technology firm dedicated to the provision of end-to-end solutions for global crypto currency market participants.

BlockFills will be one of the few global digital asset electronic trading firms to offer institutions with tailored cryptocurrency structured product options. In addition, institutions like banks, hedge funds and others in the financial services sector will have the opportunity to offer structured product solutions for their clients through this partnership.

What is Blockcfills Doing with Cryptocurrency Structured Product Capabilities?

Customized structured product solutions help institutions manage cryptocurrency exposure and develop solutions that assist with risk-return objectives, return enhancement, cost reduction, crypto pricing volatility and cash flow management.

“Institutions have sought increasingly customizable strategies to help maximize their cryptocurrency investments while hedging against or capitalizing on market volatility,” said Nick Hammer, co-founder and CEO of BlockFills. “This structured product solution is our answer for these institutions. Combining TPAC’s 40-plus years of experience tailoring such solutions for volatile commodities with our best-in-class electronic trading technology solutions like Vision and Phoenix, institutions now have more customization and control over their cryptocurrency investment strategies.”

“This integration with BlockFills will help shape the future of institutional digital asset and crypto trading,” said Michael Ortiz, Founder of TPAC. “Now, with our customizable structured product solutions available, BlockFills clients can structure the right cryptocurrency investment solution that works for them, combining nonlinear and linear options on a case-by-case basis that will benefit their business and investment strategies.”

Based out of Chicago and founded in 2018, BlockFills is one of the fastest growing crypto liquidity and technology providers globally. Their digital asset technology is already serving over 800 institutional clients across 50 countries.

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