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Coin568: Crypto-specific News Site Officially Launched

Coin568: Crypto-specific News Site Officially Launched
Coin568 – The leading website specializing in updating virtual currency prices, Bitcoin, and Altcoin price charts

Coin568 – The leading website specializing in updating virtual currency prices, Bitcoin, and Altcoin price charts in Vietnam officially announced its establishment, with the noble mission of building a reliable platform so that investors can timely react to market fluctuations.

In today’s technology era, it’s not difficult for people to find websites related to the crypto market. Besides reputable sites, there are just so many news sites that are “tabloid”, unreliable, even fraudulent or create fake hype. The frequency of crypto scams is increasing, not to mention that cryptocurrency trading in Vietnam is not recognized by law.

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In addition, the cryptocurrency market is always volatile, hour by hour, minute by minute. Just a little carelessness will lead to a big loss. Therefore, it is very important and necessary to launch a page that provides information about virtual currency prices, such as Bitcoin, and Altcoin price charts, to help investors react quickly to fluctuations. Coin568 was launched not only at the right time but also met the expectations of investors.

Coin568 was established to make looking up crypto information much easier. Here, investors can look up price information and price charts of 7,606 popular cryptocurrencies with market capitalizations of $2,577+ billion, 432 DeFi cryptocurrencies with market capitalizations of over 147 billion, and countless other new cryptocurrencies.

At Coin568, investors can learn about investment knowledge and terminology in the blockchain field by staying up-to-date on the latest news about Bitcoin and altcoins from reputable news sources. All this information is shared by experienced experts in the financial field. In addition, investors can see reviews of cryptocurrency exchanges that have a large market capitalization and are highly rated by users.

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In particular, the information that Coin568 provides is taken from official sources. Prices will be updated from leading price information sites in the world, such as CoinMarketcap, Coingecko, Coindesk, etc., and the charts will be sourced from, the charting platform used by more than 30 million traders and investors around the world. News from reputable online newspapers around the world, reviews of the exchange, and all based on the evaluation of Vietnamese users.

All the information that Coin568 provides is completely free, objective, unbiased, and strictly analyzed before reaching users. Therefore, choosing Coin568 is a “choice of faith.”

According to information from the representative of Coin568, in the coming months, they will constantly improve their services to give users the best experience as well as gradually become an address providing information about the market. Crypto is trusted and the number one choice in Vietnam.

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