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Global Fintech Interview with Leanne Holder, CEO at Giving To Services SVS Token

Global Fintech Interview with Leanne Holder, CEO at Giving To Services SVS Token

Hi Leanne, tell us something about your company and how does it fit into the modern fintech ecosystem?

At Giving To Services, we recognise that every public service worker is under-rewarded for the work that they do to keep us safe, daily.

With the cost-of-living crisis in the UK forcing nurses to quit their pension schemes to keep a roof over their heads and medical professionals using food banks to make ends meet, it is clear that there is a need to give back to them along with military, police and fire personnel.

Giving To Services, therefore, decided to bring a charitable crypto token to public sector workers. The Giving To Services token (SVS) offers the first crypto token and rewards platform designed to give back to public service professionals as well as its token holders! We are also the top charity token by market cap.

Leanne your company has claimed that it is “the best way to earn”, would you agree to this and why?

When you can earn yourself, whilst also earning for others that are under-rewarded for the sacrifices they make daily, it is a fantastic way to earn. Our users share 4% of their rewards with public service workers meaning they feel fulfilled and happy that they are doing something great for others, every day.

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Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular in the financial sector, with philanthropies considering leveraging its potential. We would love to hear your comments on this.

The speed and transparency of transactions are both extremely attractive offerings when it comes to charitable giving. Using cryptocurrency, you are able to ensure your donation goes straight the people in need all across the globe! With the XRPL for example, you can make cross-border payments with a low transaction fee and the whole process is carbon neutral. This is why at Giving To Services we are switching our SVS token from ERC-20 to the XRPL and are looking forward to scaling to become the leader in crypto philanthropy.

Tell us about your recent funding and your upcoming plans and innovations for SVS?

Coming up we have the launch of our switch to the XRP Ledger with an updated rewards platform. We then have in the pipeline Instant Aid to enable donations through the blockchain from anyone to anywhere along with governance on this, as well as Tax pdfs and the building of an app to improve our users’ experience with us.

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Recently you supported that “Crypto will be the future of Fintech”. Could you please share any two strong reasons?

Speed of payments across borders along with the ability to make this carbon neutral with blockchains such as the XRP Ledger, will have a huge impact on the future of Fintech.

Fintech is one of the most proliferated data science marketplace, we’d love to know what are your predictions for the Fintech domain for 2025?

I see the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies being implemented into businesses and our daily lives worldwide. I feel there will be lots of innovation in the next few years with new use-cases being created and developed worldwide.

Being a Rising Women In Crypto Powerlist, what’s your advice to every fintech CEO?

To keep innovating and pivoting as the industry grows. Staying stagnant in an ever-changing industry will be detrimental! I would also say that now is the time to take calculated risks with ideas, there are such fantastic developers out there that are on-board with problem-solving, that if you have an idea, it is the perfect time to give it a go while the industry is still in its relative infancy.

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Your favourite fintech quote –

‘It’s not how much crypto you have, it’s how many people you have helped.’ A quote from Changpeng Zhao of Binance.

Thank you, Leanne! That was fun and we hope to see you back on soon.

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Leanne Holder is the CEO of Giving To Services. She has recently won a place on the Rising Women In Crypto Powerlist by Wirex as well as winning Best Newcomer. Furthermore, she is a finalist in the upcoming Women In It Awards 2023. A well-known Entrepreneur she has won the ITV Chwarae Teg Womanspire awards in the ‘Entrepreneur’ category as well as being named ‘One of Wales’s most remarkable women’ and been named a Top 10 Entrepreneur To Watch, globally.

Giving To Services Logo

Giving To Services is both the essence of our cryptocurrency token – SVS – and the objective of our entire organisation.

Our aim is simple – to support the many public service workers, internationally, who face ever greater financial uncertainty by enabling access to cutting edge, tailor made, decentralised, financial tools. Our vision is to ensure that even in the face of unprecedented social, environmental and economic change, we continue to adapt and deliver innovative solutions that protect the interests of public service workers.

Healthcare, education, the armed forces, fire services, security services and other public service workers are often under-rewarded and typically face great uncertainty at retirement. We are empowering everyone to participate in the creation of a brighter and more sustainable future for those that society relies on most.

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