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ICICB and GAABU Invest in Futira Coin

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Futira coin announced their partnership with ICICB (a multinational group of companies operating in 126 countries) and GAABU, (Georgian Arabic African Business Union), in a deal that sees them investing in Futira LTD, both privately, and in the first issuance of the Futira coin.

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Proceeds of the sale of Futira coin, are set to be utilised to finance mobile telecommunications networks in under-served countries throughout Africa, and around the equator. These will be built and operated by Inovatian Limited of San Carlos, California. The coin will be the means of holding credit on the mobile network, as users holding credit will not lose money by holding these coins. If the value of the coin goes up, their fiat credit goes up, however, if the coin goes down, their fiat credit will never fall below their initial fiat investment, acting as a safety net for users.

Following its partnership with Atari, to create the Atari Chain and Atari Token, the ICICB Group is looking to further expand its presence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem announcing the launch of “the fastest blockchain in the world. “ICICB with a vast network of companies and connections will help promote the Futira coin”, said Dr. Mousa Naser Zaki Said Al Bawab, Founder of ICICB Group Investment LLC.

“We are very excited to be working with ICICB on this great project and are excited about the opportunities ICICB will afford us”, said Mr Hani Hebashi, Founder of  Futira coin. Futira is acting as a registered bank and therefore obtains information about its users and coin holders, thus preventing using the coin for tax evasion or money laundering. “GAABU under the leadership of Mr Hani Hebashi has been instrumental in bringing us to Georgia and facilitating this deal. We look forward to working with GAABU to enter the African market with our mobile network, said Mr Hani Hebash.

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“Georgia has proven to be very open to business and encouraging foreign investment since its incorporation in GAABU”, said Mr Hani Hebashi, Founder of Futira coin.

ICICB Group’s future vision consists in delivering high-quality services and products based on the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse while collaborating and funding companies that hold a similar vision for the future: a more sustainable and decentralized one – powered by innovative people and technologies. Hence, the foundation of utilising mobile technology, together with Cryptocurrency and blockchain allows for a springboard for the community to achieve more than ever thought possible.

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