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The Lilcoin ($LIL) Shaking Up Big Crypto Through Arbitrage

The Lilcoin ($LIL) Shaking Up Big Crypto Through Arbitrage

Arbitrage is one of the most preferred trading strategies for top funds as it carries significantly less risk yet at the same time ensures profit. But there’s a catch for the retail investor. Without advanced technology, its a blink and miss situation as it would be near impossible to spot an opportunity at the right time. In fact, arbitrage is predominately being performed by established institutions who have a large framework to identify the right trades and execute them within fractions of a second. Not only that, but while arbitrage opportunities are rare and extremely small within most securities, in this market (DeFi) they are quite common — due to it being emerging and having relatively low trading volume. In the end of the day, it seems as though Defi is the perfect market for large institutions to leverage their resources over small investors who have neither access to large capital, nor adequate technology to identify the right trades at the right time.


Introducing lilcoin ($LIL), a coin that begins to level the playing field between whales and the little guy. How? The unique concept is both simple and complex. It fundamentally aims at taking the encumbrance off small investors who are not able to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities in the market by giving them access to the same technology as large institutions through a defi token. DeFi, which is a blockchain-based form of finance, changed the rules of the game by bypassing central financial intermediaries like banks, brokerages, or exchanges, and opening a plethora of opportunities for retail traders through decentralization. As a result, DeFi tokens can make technology similar to that used by hedge funds, mutual funds and institutions entirely accessible to anyone around the world. Hence, the magic in lilcoin is what it does for the marketplace, being an equality step in the right direction for our industry.

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EXCERPT: Lilcoin has plans on launching their NFT campaign “the lilguys” (with passive income utility through Lilcoin) on October 11th followed by a launch on Sushiswap the following week which will allow them to start arbing and distributing rewards to holders. Down the road, they aim to be listed on several major exchanges.

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The makers of ‘Lilcoin’ have created a truly unique algorithm that finds arbitrage opportunities across the exchanges that their own token is listed on — they call this “self-arbing.” Not only does the Lilcoin algorithm constantly find arbitrage opportunities, but it consequently corrects any price differences between the liquidity pools it is offered on — these price differences are often over 3% with some outrageous outliers. The results are three-fold in stable prices, greater liquidity and perpetual rewards to holders, all without transaction fees — making this a prodigiously alluring proposition never before seen in the industry. The makers of lilcoin aim at setting a new standard for ERC-20 tokens where arbitrage will be open to any investor.

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