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TORG Spearheads a New Wave of Utility Focused Cryptocurrencies

TORG Integrates with Cryptocurrency Payment Processor, CoinPayments

World’s first utilimeme eyes extended board competencies in pursuit of its revolutionary mission

TORG, the world’s first utilimeme cryptocurrency, has been launched and is making fresh ripples in a sea of cryptocurrencies. Over 6,000 cryptocurrencies have been launched to date. One would have thought that there wouldn’t be much appetite for more, along comes TORG. Besides the regular paraphernalia of state-of-the-art security, decentralization, trading pairs and so on, it has a not-seen-before focus on utility and sustainability. In fact, they have a new name for this form of meme coins: utilimeme.


Utilimeme stands for a meme currency that is focused on utility and sustainability. A simple idea, yet with such far-reaching prospects. It is based on TORG’s mission to serve mankind with advanced financial technology. A cryptocurrency with a mission! The TORG Foundation, which is the body driving this vision, feels that this is in fact the way forward for cryptocurrencies across the world. In TORG’s view, the world has taken a very stereotypical view of cryptocurrencies, so far. Today, many people across the world have the choice to choose from a wide range of cryptocurrencies to hold and then sell as their value appreciates. However, little attention is being paid to the huge potential for employing cryptocurrencies to create a new system of payments that is secure, efficient and reliable. The company says that is going to change.

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Realizing the gap and the opportunity, TORG is trailblazing a new course for cryptocurrencies, which focuses on enabling utility for the crypto users. It does this by allowing TORG holders to make payments for goods and services with it. A growing number of daily-life use-cases involving crypto payments with TORG are being enabled.

The first tangible step in this direction has already been taken with TORG’s recent integration with CoinPayments. TORG users are now able to pay for goods and services using the cryptocurrency. The integration with CoinPayments has enabled TORG’s global users to pay with TORG for goods and services from a wide range of merchants across the world.

CoinPayments is the world’s pioneer and leader in crypto based payments for goods and services across over 200 countries and through more than 70,000 merchants. While TORG is not the only cryptocurrency to offer integration with CoinPayments, it is looking into more creative ways to enable crypto to be used as a regular method of payment. TORG aims to become one of the leading modes of making payments for all kinds of goods, services and transfers and is actively pursuing more payment channels.. However, that is also dependent on mass adoption of the utilimeme.

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With the goal of achieving mass adoption rapidly the TORG Foundation aims to list the utility-focused cryptocurrency on some of the most recognised and widely used exchanges in the world. Since its listing on UNISWAP on July 20, 2021, TORG has already been added to 12 centralized exchanges (CEXs) namely BitMart, WhiteBit,, DigiFinex, etc. The results are encouraging. Crypto community’s interest in owning and trading TORG has been evident.

Given the strategic new direction set by TORG, and the huge gap in utility focus among cryptocurrencies, the company expects to see a rapid emergence of other utilimemes in a short time frame. In anticipation of a new wave of cryptocurrencies with a utility focus, TORG is committed to help develop its potential. They see the launch of TORG as a watershed moment in the evolution of cryptocurrencies, and the dawn of a new era in which there will be more utilimemes supporting each other.

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