Cryptocurrency Economy News Partners With Taiwanese Entertainer A/DA to Launch Web3 Fan Ecosystem Partners With Taiwanese Entertainer ADA to Launch Web3 Fan Ecosystem
Latest partnership by the decentralized creator platform showcases how social tokens will revolutionize the creator economy

Leading creator-focused social token platform,, announced its partnership with Taiwanese vlogger and musician A/DA in the first of many projects with content creators in the region. By launching his unique creator coin, $DADA, through the platform, A/DA will provide fans with new forms of interactions and experiences on an ecosystem that is ready-built for Web3.

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Unlike traditional Web2 social platforms where creators have to contend with fractured fan bases and rigid content formats, Web3 opens up an array of new opportunities for creators looking to push the limits of fan engagement and new ways to take ownership of their communities and offerings. puts control and ownership back into the hands of content creators by providing a platform to engage with Web3 tools and allowing them to mint their tailor-made social tokens that form the basis of their own creator economies.

With the advent of Web3 on the horizon, provides a purpose-built infrastructure for the increasingly decentralized and interconnected world of the metaverse. hosts a market service platform for creators that allows fans to freely trade social tokens and NFTs issued by creators. For fans who are unfamiliar with the crypto-dominated space of Web3, provides an accessible, one-stop service that allows them to get closer to their desired creators.’s latest partnership with A/DA gives a glimpse into the future potential of creator-fan engagement in the creator economy. $DADA, A/DA’s unique creator coin will allow holders to unlock benefits exclusive to A/DA’s fans such as special monthly badges. At the same time, fans who purchase any social token including $DADA on the platform will also receive’s native token, $RLY, in an airdrop. This is a precursor to further platform rewards paid in $RLY, which increases proportionally with the activity of the fan community.

Partnerships with allow creators of all sizes to get creative with their offerings, combining virtual perks with real-world benefits. For example, to celebrate his latest song release ‘Chihuahua’ which goes live on streaming platforms today, fans with A/DA’s April badge will have the opportunity to buy tickets to a P. League+ basketball game where A/DA will be performing the song live. April badge holders will also be able to participate in a blind-box format airdrop for his ‘HAOJILE’ (好吉了)NFT series with more benefits and exciting fan-centric activations will be announced in the coming months.

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From being recognized as “A/DA fans” to receiving access to commemorative cards and bespoke VIP experiences, fans have a myriad of activations to look forward to in the coming months from A/DA. A/DA’s debut on is a testament to how Web3 is poised to empower creators in a new way as they look to strengthen their relationships with their fans. With, creators can effectively bridge the gap between virtual assets and physical experiences in a creative way, without compromising on a fun, meaningful fan experience.

Weiwei Geng, CEO of said, “We are honored to be hosting A/DA on our platform as we bridge the gap between creators and their fans. This cross collaboration not only helps creators to further expand their fan base, but also provides a functional model for other creators looking to understand the potential of the future creator economy in the era of Web3. We look forward to being able to give our creators and their fans a limitless space to participate and experience the benefits of a Web3 creator economy.”

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