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dxFeed and Blue Ocean Technologies Forge Partnership to Pave the Way for 24/5 Data Feed for US Stocks

dxFeed and Blue Ocean Technologies Forge Partnership to Pave the Way for 24/5 Data Feed for US Stocks

In an industry-defining collaboration, dxFeed, a trailblazer in market data solutions and index management provider for the global financial industry, has joined forces with Blue Ocean Technologies, the parent of Alternative Trading System, Blue Ocean ATS, to create a groundbreaking 24/5 data feed for US equities. This partnership offers dxFeed clients licensed and indicative license-free access to after-hours market data, unveiling the round-the-clock trading capability for US equities.

Blue Ocean ATS enables equities trading between 8 pm and 4 am EST, effectively extending the trading window for US Equities to a remarkable 24/5 schedule. Blue Ocean’s data provides investors with a fully transparent view into the US Equities price movements after the traditional US trading market hours, empowering offshore investors located in the APAC and other regions to manage their holdings in US Stocks more effectively and ensures information for more comprehensive risk management by utilizing the opportunity to act during the Asia Pacific daytime.

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For dxFeed, this partnership signifies a significant milestone, as it enables the creation of a 24/5 price feed for US Equities, which will be offered to their valued clients. The availability of a 24/5 data feed is expected to be invaluable for online retail brokerages, money managers, and individual users. This development empowers them with the flexibility to access quotes and last sale data at any time, enabling them to trade US Stocks according to their time zones and convenience.

One of the key areas where this extended trading window is expected to have a profound impact is in the rapidly evolving Web3 ecosystem. With its 24/7 nature, Web3 has long faced limitations in accessing real-time securities pricing, which is typically tied to traditional market operating hours. dxFeed and Blue Ocean’s initiative addresses this gap, providing a vital source of pricing data for the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space, ensuring that underlying information flows continuously.

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Blue Ocean has already witnessed substantial growth in Asian markets, where the extended trading hours overlap with daytime business hours. This has positioned Blue Ocean as the first venue to open for US Equities after the weekend break, making it a pivotal platform for traders to react swiftly to weekend news developments.

Commenting on the partnership, Dmitrii Parilov, Managing Director at dxFeed, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Blue Ocean to create this innovative 24/5 data feed for US Stocks. This collaboration not only enhances our ability to serve our clients but also contributes to the broader financial ecosystem by providing continuous access to vital market data.”

John Willock, Head of Strategy of Blue Ocean Technologies added, “Blue Ocean is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative initiative, extending trading hours and increasing transparency. We believe this partnership with dxFeed will have a far-reaching impact on how market participants access and utilize US equities data.”

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