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FXT to Launch its DeFi Staking Platform After The Success of FXT Token

FXT to Launch its DeFi Staking Platform After The Success of FXT Token

FXT – a company witnessing the remarkable success of its FXT Token – is geared to launch a DeFi staking platform.


The platform will be built on Binance Smart Chain and will enable crypto enthusiasts across the globe to stake their BEP-20 FXT tokens in return for lucrative interest that will be given annually. The staking period will be divided into different vaults – each vault having specific days for which the users will be required to stake their FXT Tokens and the interest that will be earned by them.

Detailed information about the staking vaults and their respective Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is as follows:


Staking Days

















Given these five vaults, users will be able to participate in multiple vaults. A user can stake a single vault multiple times. The earlier the staking, the higher will be the earning.

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FXT DeFi staking platform will be an opportunity for FXT Token holders to earn money by staking their assets. Those already holding FXT Tokens can capitalize on the opportunity to participate in the FXT DeFi staking platform to grow their funds. However, those who do not have FXT Tokens, but want to leverage the opportunity, can buy the Tokens from any of the top crypto sites, such as CoinMarketCap, Bilaxy, Fatbtc, and ProBit Exchange.

After the success of FXT Tokens, the FXT DeFi staking platform is opined to be the feather in the cap

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FXT is a crypto-driven company backed by a skilled team comprising seasoned finance officers, investment planners, and technical experts. The company intends to raise funds from its FXT Token ICO. These funds will be utilized to scale the company as well as develop and launch blockchain-based platforms.

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