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KuCoin Wallet Integrates 1inch For Implementing Native Swap Function

KuCoin Wallet Integrates 1inch For Implementing Native Swap Function

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has entered into a partnership with the 1inch DeFi data aggregator protocol to enable native swaps for its global users at the lowest prices across all decentralized exchange platforms.

1inch Network is a DEX aggregator that analyzes blockchain data in search of the most favorable swap and transfer conditions using the Pathfinder algorithm. With its dynamic pricing, stop-loss and trailing stop orders, as well as a host of other functions, 1inch is considered to be the leading DeFi solution in decentralized space.

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KuCoin will be integrating the API of the 1inch aggregator protocol into its native KuCoin Wallet multipurpose storage and transaction processing application. Integration of 1inch into KuCoin Wallet with the use of 1inch’s Pathfinder search algorithm will allow users to utilize the swap function for tokens cross-chain on all supported networks and to leverage the lowest swap rates and fastest transfer routes to directly swap tokens inside the application, and process as many as 1,639 different tokens across all the blockchain networks supported by KuCoin Wallet.

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“We are always striving to make our product cater to the needs of all investors. Swap is a high-frequency feature of the wallet and 1inch is one of the most popular DEXs in the Web3 industry, so we work together through native integration to provide a smooth and cost-effective trading experience for our users. As a gateway to the Web-3 world, we are willing to integrate any excellent Dapp that can provide high value to our users. This partnership with 1inch is a great start to our journey with more exciting landscapes ahead,” as stated by Jeff Haul, the Head of KuCoin Wallet.

The partnership with 1inch will further deepen KuCoin’s penetration into the DeFi space and enable it to provide more convenient services to its growing user base. The exchange has repeatedly stated that it is intent on pursuing further exploration and integration of Web-3 applications.

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