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MRHB Decentralizes Website on IC with 4EVERLAND Cloud Computing Solution

MRHB Decentralizes Website on IC with 4EVERLAND Cloud Computing Solution

MRHB DeFi, the world’s first halal decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has moved their website to decentralized infrastructure on world computer blockchain ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) via Web3 cloud computing platform 4EVERLAND.

“We are excited to partner with 4EVERLAND to take this important step for our official website, as we continue to advocate the ethos of Web3,” said MRHB DeFi CTO Deniz Dalkilic. “While the Web3 movement is all about decentralization, most Web3 apps and services are hosted on centralized cloud servers such as AWS or Google Cloud, with much of Web3 still being built on Web2 infrastructure. Decentralized cloud computing is the next evolution of Web3 which we are wholeheartedly embracing as a future-proof company.”

“MRHB.Network is the kind of Web3 solution for which decentralized cloud computing is perfectly suited,” said 4EVERLAND Founder Deon Erda. “The security and privacy that MRHB as a DeFi solutions provider with a staunch community-first stance expects for its users can be adequately provided by the decentralized cloud with its standard end-to-end encryption. Our ecosystem features over 200 distributed nodes around the world and is supported by more than 50 thousand developers.”

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4EVERLAND’s decentralized cloud computing platform helps users make a smooth transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 through the integration of storage, computing and network core capabilities. 4EVERLAND is integrated deeply with IC (Internet Computer) and minimizes the complexity of creating canister smart contracts and updating content on IC, simplifying site hosting on ICP. During the first deployment of the site, 4EVERLAND builds a new canister for the project on IC, complete with follow-up setup and going live. Thereafter, 4EVERLAND automatically updates the contents of this canister at each deployment, meaning that a front-end canister is assigned to each site, pushed to IC. In addition, 4EVERLAND has a dedicated IC gateway built to provide global acceleration for ICP projects deployed through 4EVERLAND, enabling a decentralized experience from deployment to access.

Currently, centralized cloud computing services by Amazon, Microsoft and Google dominate over 65% of the market, with respective market shares of 34%, 21% and 11% as of Q3 2022. Decentralized cloud computing improves on cloud computing technology by ensuring that there is no single point of failure. In addition, by using edge computing to move processes and storage to the participating node devices at the edge of the network, the decentralized cloud is faster, more efficient and scalable since localization provides closer proximity to the server, resulting in the required computing resources being quicker to access.

Bringing Halal DeFi to the Masses

MRHB Network offers an ecosystem of halal DeFi products and services accessible through Sahal Wallet, MRHB’s DApp portal and self-custodial wallet for halal tokens. The wallet is designed to be extremely user-friendly, aimed at first-time Muslim crypto investors who are unsure where to look in the crypto space for halal crypto options. The Islamic Finance market is worth US$3 trillion globally and represents more than 1.7 billion people — most of whom have been without a halal crypto solution until now.

“MRHB is designed to be a one-stop DeFi platform for ethics-conscious consumers. We are rapidly building out a very full-featured ecosystem of products, from a halal wallet to tokenized commodities to interest-free lending and more,” said MRHB CEO and founder Naquib Mohammed.

MRHB Network launched their $MRHB token in an oversubscribed IDO in December 2021, raising over US$4.5 million. The MRHB token was featured as a “killer crypto” to invest in by Nasdaq and InvestorPlace in early 2022. The company went on to win three awards in 2022: “Best New Islamic Crypto Platform” at the Global Brand Awards and “Most Ethical DeFi Network Australia 2022” and the “Best New Islamic Crypto Platform Australia 2022” at the World Business Outlook Awards.

In addition to Sahal Wallet, the MRHB platform currently encompasses the SouqNFT Marketplace and the TijarX DEX for tokenized commodities such as gold and silver, both halal solutions. The first halal staking solution and liquidity harvester will both launch soon. More product launches are also scheduled for 2023, including decentralized philanthropy (DePhi), interest-free financing and an entrepreneur launchpad.

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TijarX Gold Rush – Prize Pool of USD10,000 Worth of Tokenized Gold

This month, to celebrate their commodity DEX TijarX moving on from its beta phase, MRHB is hosting a TijarX Gold Rush Competition from January 16th to the end of the month.

Purchasing Gold Standard ($AUS) tokenized gold on TijarX gets buyers a chance to win a share of the USD10,000 prize pool of tokenized gold.

The contest will award the TOP 3 prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $1,000 worth of AUS to the participants with the highest AUS net buys. The remaining $1,000 in the prize pool go to a Lucky Draw where 10 lucky winners get $100 worth of AUS each.

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