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Pepemon DAO and Paradigm-backed Conduit Join Forces to Launch Pepechain, Tackling High Ethereum Gas Fees for Memecoin Traders

Pepemon DAO and Paradigm-backed Conduit Join Forces to Launch Pepechain, Tackling High Ethereum Gas Fees for Memecoin Traders

Pepemon DAO, a trailblazer in the NFT and DeFi ecosystem, is poised to transform the blockchain landscape with the imminent launch of a cutting-edge rollup chain – Pepechain – as early as next week. Fueled by Paradigm-backed Conduit, Pepechain will employ the state-of-the-art OP-stack technology, Bedrock, similar to Optimism. This pioneering solution is custom-built for memecoin traders, gaming aficionados, and DeFi users, providing them with the low fees and robust security of the Ethereum chain.

In collaboration with Conduit, the Pepemon Pepechain Testnet will make its debut on the Ethereum Testnet Goerli, as Pepemon DAO prepares for a mainnet release later this year. In tandem with the Pepechain launch, the first public alpha version of Pepemon DAO’s premier web3 game, Degen Battleground, will also be unveiled. This Pepe card game on the chain is designed for Pepe and meme enthusiasts, ensuring a smooth gaming experience with smooth, and low fees transactions.

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To mark the Pepechain’s Testnet launch, users can now mint a Pepechain Testnet Badge on Galxe, making them eligible for an airdrop on the chain when it goes live. This exclusive badge showcases support for the project and guarantees early access to the Pepechain ecosystem.

Alongside the Pepechain launch, Pepemon DAO is also initiating a grant program for reputable meme, gaming, and DeFi builders. This endeavor empowers developers to deploy their applications on Pepechain, leveraging the advantages of its dedicated and loyal community.

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As the crypto landscape continues to mature, Pepechain will play a crucial role in tackling the enduring issue of exorbitant gas fees on the Ethereum network. The rollup chain promises to deliver much-needed respite to memecoin traders, gamers, and DeFi users by offering a more secure and efficient platform for their transactions.

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