Digital Asset Management News Introduces Quant Fund – A New Era of Wealth Management for Digital Assets Introduces Quant Fund - A New Era of Wealth Management for Digital Assets is excited to announce the official launch of its Wealth Management flagship product – the Quant Fund, a groundbreaking wealth management solution designed for high-net-worth investors keen on exploring the digital assets space. We warmly invite you to be a part of this pioneering journey in wealth accrual by subscribing to our inaugural offering.

Innovative Investment Approach

The Quant Fund uses mathematical models and algorithms for its investment strategies, managed by a team of experienced traders. It employs advanced statistical and computational techniques to analyze market data, spot arbitrage opportunities, and execute trades. This approach, distinct from traditional financial products, offers several advantages for asset growth.

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Key Features and Benefits:

Benefits Compared to Traditional Funds:

  • Professional Investment Strategies:’s quantitative fund is accessible to all users, from individual investors to large account holders, breaking away from traditional funds that only target high-net-worth clients. It employs algorithm-driven investment strategies crafted by a professional team, designed to swiftly seize market opportunities, reduce barriers to entry, and amplify trading benefits.
  • Flexible Redemption Mechanism: With no lock-up period, the quantitative fund allows for immediate deposits and withdrawals, ensuring excellent liquidity.
  • High Returns: Over the past three months, the annualized return rates have been impressive, with USDT at a steady 31% and BTC at 22%.  For the initial offering of the fund, expected annualized returns for USDT and BTC-related products are 24% and 9% respectively.

Benefits Compared to Other Financial Products:

  • Lower Risk:’s quantitative fund presents a lower risk profile compared to options like Yu’e Bao, DeFi mining, and structured finance products. Managed by a dedicated investment research team, the fund offers transparency with detailed asset value trends and projected annual yields, ensuring asset growth while managing risk effectively.
  • Stable Returns: Tailored to operate efficiently under varying market conditions, the fund’s strategies are engineered to provide consistent, long-term earnings, ensuring financial stability for investors.

The introduction of the Quant Fund signifies a significant milestone in’s dedication to financial product innovation and exploring opportunities for asset growth. As moves forward into this exciting venture, ensuring the protection of investor interests through rigorous internal risk controls remains its top priority.

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