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Plastiq and PayGround Partner To Help Patients Better Manage and Pay Healthcare Bills

Plastiq and PayGround Partner To Help Patients Better Manage and Pay Healthcare Bills
Partnership allows PayGround customers to manage payments to multiple healthcare providers and pay bills via preferred method through Plastiq Connect

Plastiq, the smart payments platform that enables businesses to better manage payments and cash flow, and PayGround, a patient payment app that allows payment to any medical provider, announced its strategic partnership to provide patients with an integrated solution to manage and pay all of their healthcare bills in one app. Plastiq Connect APIs enable PayGround to seamlessly integrate Plastiq’s payments capabilities into its mobile app, allowing patients to create their PayGround Digital Wallet and pay their medical bills through their preferred payment method; either credit card, HSA, FSA, or even linking their bank account all from within the PayGround app.

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“The pandemic highlighted the need for a massive payment evolution in the healthcare industry,” said Stoyan Kenderov, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Plastiq. “PayGround is helping to usher in that evolution by allowing patients to see, understand, manage, and pay all of their healthcare bills in one place, and we’re thrilled to bring our platforms together to grant patients the synergistic benefits of both in one offering. Together, we seek to ease the stress that healthcare bills can often bring for patients and their loved ones.”

Plastiq introduced the first holistic payments platform that enables businesses to pay suppliers via credit cards, even where cards are not accepted, and accept payments from their customers without having to pay any merchant fees. Plastiq Connect is a set of APIs that enables partners to seamlessly integrate Plastiq’s powerful payment experiences in their product. Plastiq Connect uniquely allows business customers to enable card and bank transfer payments to suppliers from within their applications.

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“PayGround is bringing humanity back to health care payments by making it simple for families to pay their medical bills, so they can focus more of their time and energy on what really matters,” said Drew Mercer, CEO and Co-Founder of PayGround. “Integrating Plastiq Connect further compliments our pursuit to help patients receive the healthcare they need, while allowing them to pay how they want and when they want.”

Plastiq has already powered billions of dollars in payments for over 150,000 businesses. Serving companies of various sizes across industry verticals including e-commerce, technology, manufacturing, logistics, and construction, Plastiq enables customers to manage their payments and improve their cash flow. PayGround has created a marketplace where a patient can store multiple payment methods and easily submit payment to any of their medical providers within a few simple clicks. The PayGround app and platform are free for both patients and providers to use to manage all healthcare spend. Recently, PayGround announced revenues are up 140% in 2021 and they proudly serve more than 200 healthcare facilities across the United States. Providers utilizing PayGround’s platform have seen an average increase in patient satisfaction by 91%, while also increasing patient collections by 23% and decreasing days to collect by 6.7 days on average.

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