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Surf Wallet, the First Community-Based Wallet Launched on SUI Blockchain

Surf Wallet, the First Community-Based Wallet Launched on SUI Blockchain

To buoy the Sui ecosystem, Surf Wallet launched a Chrome extension this week. People interested in Sui blockchain and who want to explore the web3 world are welcome to experience Surf Wallet.

Surf DAO, the team behind Surf wallet, consists of 5 early supporters active in the Sui community. They are like-minded and held the goal of jointly building the wallet with the best experience on the Sui blockchain.

“Today marks a milestone for not just Surf but the Sui ecosystem, as we push forth the notion of true decentralization and uphold the values of community and ownership through our MPC wallet cryptography,” said Dr. Daniel Lee, Core Contributor of Surf Wallet.

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Born in the community, built for the community. In the future, Surf DAO will absorb more opinions to enhance the product experience consistently and share the achievements with contributing members. Furthermore, to better carry out product iteration and operation, Surf DAO is now recruiting more members to join to create a new web3 gateway.

Surf Wallet — not only another crypto wallet

Adhering to the original intention of involving more people, the mobile version of Surf wallet is on the way. It is breaking the entry barrier of web3 by building the most accessible and safest wallet that enables anyone to thrive in web3.

Surf is building a future where owning and using your money is no longer complicated, and investing and transacting is as simple as sending an email. With MPC wallet cryptography, users can say goodbye to complicated setups and manual seed phrases, go on-ramp, pay, and invest in just a few clicks.

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Surf multi-signature wallet — smart treasury management for Sui DAOs and protocols

Born in the community, Surf DAO needs to explore new solutions to remain incorruptible and make better spending decisions from day one. Moreover, in order to push the DAO structure’s egalitarian approach and treasury management to decision-making forward. As a result, Surf DAO will launch the first multi-signature wallet on the Sui blockchain.

With Surf multi-signature wallet, DAOs can grow your business securely. Set team approvals and make team decisions to build trust with shared treasury ownership. DAOs can customize multi-signature for custom workflows. In addition, Surf streaming payments increase payroll safety and efficiency. DAOs can pay the team or community with safe and seamless crypto transactions.

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