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Axerve Partners With ACI Worldwide to Help eCommerce Businesses Grow Revenues

Axerve Partners With ACI Worldwide to Help eCommerce Businesses Grow Revenues

Axerve’s Payment Orchestra™ will integrate ACI Secure eCommerce to enhance the payments experience for merchants, increase cart conversion rates and boost sales

Axerve, Payment Partner to Grow and a specialist in developing accessible and frictionless payment solutions, and ACI Worldwide, a global leader in mission-critical, real-time payments software, have announced the launch of a strategic partnership — geared towards offering enhanced payment orchestration services to eCommerce merchants across the U.K., Europe and the U.S.

The partnership aims to provide merchants with improved payments orchestration and fraud prevention services, thereby increasing their acceptance of payments, improving payments security and ultimately boosting their conversion rates and revenues. EcommerceDB states that as of 2021, there are more than 59 million eCommerce consumers in the U.K. alone; this number is estimated to reach 62 million (+6%) by 2025. Thus, it has become increasingly important to ensure that eConsumers’ needs are met quickly and efficiently. The integration of ACI Secure eCommerce and Axerve’s payments orchestration platform strives to provide eCommerce merchants and their consumers with personalized and integrated payment orchestration solutions. Furthermore, through partnering with a key global player and strengthening its U.K. presence, Axerve has undoubtedly reached a key milestone in its internationalization process following its U.K. launch in 2022.

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Key benefits of the partnership for merchants, at a glance:

  • Payment and fraud orchestration services to increase conversion rates and revenues
  • Instant access to hundreds of local and cross-border acquirers, card, mobile and digital payment methods
  • Sophisticated real-time, multilayered fraud management capabilities — enabling merchants to maximize payments acceptance while minimizing fraud and chargeback costs
  • Access to all aggregated payments data in one single portal
  • Automatic reconciliation that allows merchants to save on internal resources and time
  • The availability of real-time ledgers that ensure the visibility of financial data, simplifying tracking and accountability, and guaranteeing that the customer is only charged once, regardless of how many charge requests are made.

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Alessandro Bocca, CEO of Axerve, said: “Axerve is delighted about this new strategic partnership with ACI Worldwide, which is such an important player in the payments software world. Thanks to payments orchestration, Axerve and ACI will manage the interoperability between all the transaction processes and simplify payment configurations thanks to a new proprietary software architecture. With the support of ACI Worldwide’s state-of-the-art payments technology and software, Axerve will be able to offer our merchants and customers an optimization strategy of payments to reach maximum conversion and smoother customer journeys.”

Basant Singh, global head of merchant segment, ACI Worldwide, added: “We are delighted to partner with Axerve to advance the company’s leading offering of technology solutions. ACI Secure eCommerce gives thousands of merchants and PSPs globally the tools and technology to increase conversion rates and grow their business by making payments part of a smooth, seamless and secure customer journey. Our orchestration solutions for merchants are targeted at helping them to sell more, lose less and maximize margins.”

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