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Cryptocurrency Payments Go Mainstream: Why eCommerce Brands are Adopting it

Cryptocurrency Payments Go Mainstream: Why eCommerce Brands are Adopting it

Major Tom is offering free cryptocurrency payment integrations on Shopify stores as this is a huge growth opportunity for eCommerce brands

Cryptocurrency is no longer a conversation saved for the dredges of the internet. In 2021, we saw the explosion of crypto on the mainstream market. A token plainly named Internet Computer reached a value of $45 billion after being online for just two days. Bitcoin, now dubbed the most popular cryptocurrency, is expected to reach 200 million users by 2024. Today, crypto is something that consumers are using and they expect their favorite brands to get on board. It’s online, it’s mainstream, and it’s here to stay.

Innovative marketing agency, Major Tom, believes in crypto and wants to help brands bring the payment method into their Shopify stores. Major Tom recently announced its own cryptocurrency eCommerce capabilities on its Tin Can store, following the lead of frontrunner companies such as Microsoft, Paypal, and AT&T.


To help other businesses step into the future of eCommerce, Major Tom will help set up crypto payments on Shopify sites for free during the month of September.

Businesses that enter the cryptocurrency world benefit from quick transactions thanks to streamlined blockchain technology. As well, international purchases become simple and cost-effective, opening up new markets and inviting new traffic. Crypto is also more secure and contains more complex encryption than traditional payment methods. This greatly reduces the risk of digital fraud and can positively impact third-party processing fees. We are already seeing younger generations flock to crypto and adopt it as a new standard method of payment.

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With more payment choices at the checkout, customers benefit from an improved user experience, increasing conversion rates and reducing cart abandonment. This frictionless system is ideal for brands that are looking to scale up their sales without investing heavily in new marketing systems.

Ultimately, adding cryptocurrency to your payment roster offers new ways to improve conversions, increase ROI, streamline UX audits, scale your business, and inform advertising. Not to mention, the money you save on processing fees makes the eCommerce upgrade an investment that pays for itself.

As the digital world continues to evolve and change, the need for cutting-edge innovation will only increase. NFTs are selling for millions at legacy art shows. The stock market is forever changed by the introduction of app-based trading. By getting in early, businesses stand to benefit from easier adaptation and expertise over time.

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Major Tom remains a leader in scaling Shopify websites with modern tactics and strategies. If you’re interested in adding cryptocurrency to your Shopify store, reach out today. Their team can advise you on whether crypto payments are right for your audience. Don’t forget, they are offering free cryptocurrency Shopify setups throughout the month of September.

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