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HashCash To Develop Blockchain-based Travel Reward Platform

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HashCash Consultants embarks on its latest venture involving a blockchain infrastructure to power a travel reward platform with a travel company.

HashCash Consultants, an international blockchain development company, announces the commencement of its latest project in collaboration with a wholesale travel company. HashCash is to provide the technology driving a reward program for the travel company. HashCash has previously been a part of a loyalty rewards platform development project for an E-commerce site.

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The project is designed to differ significantly from the other travel hosting sites, taking uncertainty out of the system. The program offers its users the opportunity to become a part of a network that offers resort-style check-in at affordable rates. The project also aims to offer its users discounted prices and a Web 3.0 experience. The business model conceived jointly by the travel company and HashCash team aspires to overcome the many limitations that have crippled the legacy systems.

“The blockchain-powered system should build an ecosystem represented by tokens and NFTs allowing users to earn while they search, share, add reviews, make reservations, and stay,” remarked the founder and CEO of HashCash Consultants, Raj Chowdhury.

“The blockchain-based system will empower the travel industry by introducing an infrastructure that resolves existing issues and offers a scalable solution.”

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Coming to recent developments, HashCash is set to adopt a decentralized HR structure that is able to support its growing needs. HashCash’s rapid growth is marked by its expansion of facilities in Dubai and invested 10 million USD in Bengal Silicon Valley, Kolkata, India to develop Hashcash Park to accommodate its growing team.

This project should add to the diverse range of industries that are reconstructed by HashCash by replacing legacy architecture with blockchain-driven solutions. This is realizing the vision of the blockchain pioneer Chowdhury, who relentlessly iterates the positives of industry-wide adoption of blockchain technology.

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