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Now-a-days people no more consider taking a loan as a superstition rather the trend shows the rising demand for loans. A personal loan is one such area that is very much in discussion and all of us are keen to know any new tech relevant to it. This article shall be highlighting the best Loan CRM software that understands the intricacies of the mortgage industry, and its purpose is to ease the daily responsibilities of loan officers. Such software facilitates agency organization and prompts a follow-up along with providing real-time lending industry intelligence as well as reputation management functionality. Mortgage CRMs normally range from streamlined CRM to end-to-end platforms which include referral management and automation of marketing functionality. Below are the 10 best CRM software.

1. Keap  

This is one of the most popular CRM software. It has paid plans also which include access to small business Growth Coach and also provides 24/7 support. It has more than 2,500+ integrations and is still growing. New ecommerce and native payment options make billing and invoicing easy. A powerful sales and marketing platform allows for a plethora of intuitive automation that keep the sales funnel growing. Keap tool is currently and adds new marketing and landing page templates for customer use.

2. Zendesk Sell  

Zendesk Sell is another famous CRM tool that is into sales automation which is suited for the businesses with B2B and B2C clients. It normally serves small- and medium-sized businesses. Sales pipeline features are built to enhance overall sales productivity and quickly lead to conversion. Support seems to be an issue for a few reviewers. Few clients report wanting more out of reporting traits.

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3. Cimmaron  

Cimmaron tool USP is to focus on the client satisfaction in the sales process. Solid functionality for the client management, automated marketing activities, and lead management. A good amount of templates and other marketing tools are among its features. One of the specialities is its availability at upgraded pricing tiers standard in comparison to the other platforms. Its pricing structure is also prohibitive to solopreneurs or small organizations.

4. Whiteboard  

Whiteboard CRM tool has a good number of features and it integrates well with almost all LOS. Along with it, it also integrates with the real estate lead sites (like Zillow and Realtor.com). Moreover, its team communication USP is for SMS and email. Built-in automation to tell a referral partner that a lender or broker has been assigned.

5. Pipedrive  

Pipedrive is a solid integration tool with Calyx, LendingPad, and PropertyRadar. CRM structure and its features are totally client-focused which is mostly liked by its users. Its customer portal provides real-time updates by which one can access doc instantly and error-free.

 6. Surefire  

A client considers any mobile app a good one when he gets many things in a single place with user-friendly features and Surefire is among them. It has automated email marketing campaigns along with templates, and also it has customized and branded landing pages with a user guide for the pre-application process. Surefire has a solid segmentation process that makes personalized content easy to make and send. 

7. BNTouch  

BNTouch is indeed the best loan software which has inbuilt features of automation for voice and text communication with borrowers. It has timely tap-to-call functionality features which offer refi(re-finance) options to the borrowers. It has pre-installed templates and premade content which is easily customizable for campaigns. Third-party real estate integration is also available. Automated lead communication and loan notification.

 8. Jungo  

Few automation available for drip email campaigns under Jungo. The CRM integrations along with LOS services. Great automated pipeline reports to monitor the leads from referral partners. Built-in client review database which allows for searches by the available interest rate and the purchase date. DocsBar feature stores and auto-updates client documents.

9. MyCRM Dashboard:

It is a mortgage CRM tool that has LOS integrations along with lead management tools and USP of key performance indicator (KPI) reporting capabilities. Users are able to automate emails and manage their reputation with client reviews, and therefore design surveys. This tool has a simple design that uses minimal buttons which has made it easy to navigate the interface. 

10. Streak:  

Streak has a unique feature in which it integrates Gmail with all the contacts, and tasks which can be directly managed from anyone’s Gmail inbox. Automation of Mail merges with a mass email-sending facility along with scheduled automated follow-ups via Gmail. Tracking of emails has been made super easy where the users can see when the email is opened as well as whether the link is clicked in real-time or not. Contact enrichment is another highlight here with automated data updates on contact profiles for sensitive data details.

How We Evaluated the Best Mortgage CRM Software  

As per my research, I have found that the best loan CRM software is Streak since it offers a free plan to first-time users, relatively low prices for its clients, and an intuitive system for its operating model. Moreover, CRM characteristics like contact, pipeline, as well as task management work within the Gmail system which gives it the same usability traits as Google Workspace apps.

In a nutshell, users are very well able to manage their critical mortgage docs via its well-designed integration with Google Drive to store and share important documents with buyers. The graphics below are well-researched into a pie-chart presentation for the relevant evaluation of the best CRM loan software across globe.

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