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Top Enterprise Platforms That Enable Businesses to Build Their Own Payment Solutions

Top Enterprise Platforms That Enable Businesses to Build Their Own Payment Solutions

Businesses always have the liberty to switch to an all-inclusive payment gateway, but the kind of freedom and control a business can enjoy with its own personalized payment solution, that’s another story.

This is where enterprise payment software comes into the picture. This software helps large and multinational companies to optimize and streamline their payment processing. With the help of these enterprise platforms, companies can not only increase the efficiency of their payment activities, but they can also reduce payment errors, prevent fraud, automate the processing of all the transactions, transferring the accurate funds to the customers (refunds / returns) and so on.

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Enterprise payment software are used by many companies, and they have made things easier as far as financing, invoicing and clearing payments are concerned. The software can be used by accountants, managers and even suppliers. The following are some of the best enterprise platforms that enable the modern businesses to enjoy their own payment solutions.

  1. Dwolla

A US based fintech startup, Dwolla was founded in Iowa as a money transfer services company in the year 2010. Gradually it positioned itself as an alternative to the then giant payment processor PayPal. Dwolla is also known as a programmable payment infrastructure and it is termed so because the user can customize it according to the needs of the business. It is in your control, how your customer will connect to the bank and move money safely. Dwolla works on the vision to make payments simpler, fun and accurate. The featured tools to create your payment software are bank agnostic, branded experience, configurable API, scalable infrastructure and tokenization.


The next in line in, which offers a payment gateway for domestic as well as international transactions for small to medium sized enterprises. With, it is easy to accept all kinds of signature debit cards, credit cards, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, PayPal and more. Some other features of the software includes automate recurring billing, ability to sync with sync books, fraud prevention tools and a free suite of security.

  1. Stripe Connect

Stripe is a popular payment processing platform that can scale your business and take it to the heights of success. It offers robust payment infrastructure for the internet businesses for millions of business – from small to large enterprises. The user can leverage the power of Stripe’s software and APIs to accept payment, clear cheques and manage the entire finances of the business. The global enterprises relying on the capabilities of Stripe Connect are Zoon, Shopify, Amazon, Jaypore and more.

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  1. Braintree

Braintree is a child company of PayPal, which was launched in the market for enterprises looking for a global payment partner to boost their revenue. Backed by the robust support system of PayPal, Braintree helps businesses reach out to more people, drive conversions with its ability to accept payments from PayPal, Venmo, all the credit and debit cards along with many other digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay in a seamless and single interface.

  1. Adyen

It is a payment processing solution, which will help you accept payments from everywhere in the world. Take your business to another level with a unique payment solution built to fit the needs of any business. The global enterprises taking shelter under Adyen are Agoda, Grab, Sephora, Spotify, eBay and more. Adyen will bring growth, revenues and real partnership to your business.

  1. Payoneer

Get Payoneer and simplify international payments for your business. Payoneer is a renowned cross-border payments platform that empower businesses that sell online and freelances to grow their network across national boundaries. Today, Payoneer has more than 4 million success stories to share and it is on its way to create one world, on one platform with endless payment opportunities. The global enterprises taking advantage of Payoneer and its robust payment interface are Adobe, Shuttershock, Getty Images, Amazon, Google and more.

  1. WorldPay

WorldPay makes online payments simple. The payment solutions company saves your time by offering real time data on order rolling right on the dashboard, simpler order management and webhooks that brings the latest order updates via notifications. WorldPay is one of the leading payment solutions providers in the UK. The main features include faster payouts, facilities for recurring payments, robust systems with 24*7 customer support. It is built for developers and businesses can get their API within seconds.

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Fintech is progressing rapidly and these software play a very big role in the future success of the Fintech industry. If you want to enjoy the control over your finances without the interference of any third party, these software can help.


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