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Global Banks Known for their People and Work Culture

What do people look for when they choose a company to work for? An exciting paycheck, good leadership, and maybe even generous rewards and recognition.

The choices are different for everyone.

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That being said, the financial services sector is one of the largest in the world, employing millions of people worldwide. Although fresh, talented graduates are targeting the best of banks and financial institutions for work, top finance organizations are also attracting the best talent with competitive pay, career advancements and other perks.

Here we give you a quick round up of the top banks that have been (often) been recognized for their balanced work culture and employee spirit.

  1. HSBC

As of now, HSBC is the seventh largest bank in the world bearing some trillion dollar assets and the total f workforce topping at nearly 2,00,000 all across the globe. The bank recently announced the closure of several physical branches due to reduced customer foot falls in branch outlets, but they assured that there wouldn’t be any layoffs. Along with the competitive compensation it pays to its employees, HSBC follows another approach to be on the top of the work culture list. The bank believes in cultivating its employees. Along with a good paycheck, the leaders of the organization take a positive step ahead in enhancing the workers and they change their workforce strategy as per the need of the hour.

Today, HSBC boasts of being one of the best banks to work for.

  1. Wells Fargo

The name Wells Fargo was always celebrated among Wall Street Titans and fortunately, the company has maintained its position as it is, in the market. The bank is a favorite among its investors and its employees too. The complaints of employees working here are said to be minimal as the management pays heed to their needs (but in a balanced manner!). Their policies are so devised that the employees are known to enjoy their life and work-life, financially, physically and mentally.

  1. Morgan Stanley

The primary reason to target Morgan Stanley to work for is because you are going to work with some astute, shrewd and talented lot of bankers, who are quoted regularly in the world’s top financial journals. The company believes in hiring the right employees and raising the employee spirit with perks like retirement benefits, vacation pay, insurance benefits and pretty good bonuses.

  1. Centerview

Recently, Centerview has gained traction as one of the most loved banks by its employees. The firm has significantly improved in terms of client interaction, compensation, work culture, promotion policies and even helping employees manage their work-life balance. Centerview has improved its overall performance and thus, deserves a mention here.

  1. Evercore

Evercore deserves to be added to this list because it is following a meritocracy with a flat and entrepreneurial culture. Everyone gets the credit for their work, the meritocracy disregards politics and sends generous rewards to the person who deserves it most. The flat entrepreneurial culture has helped the bank create a lot of opportunities in the market.

  1. Goldman Sachs

A 150 year old bank, the organization has always been known for its exemplary work culture and for most of the leaders, it is a gold mine to work for. Goldman Sachs has a culture thriving on feedback, competitiveness and collaboration. It has received accolades in the categories of work culture, firm leadership, informal training, work life balance, promotional policies and so on.

  1. Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the largest financial institutions in the world and it represents an excellent work culture maintained by highly competent employees. The workforce are individually given a chance to prove themselves and work with notable clients on fantastic deals. They offer great employee benefits as well.

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The global financial market is expanding rapidly, and its interesting to see how employee cultures in this segment shape up.

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