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Bank of America Partners with INROADS to Prepare Charlotte Students Early for Success in the Finance Industry

Bank of America Partners with INROADS to Prepare Charlotte Students Early for Success in the Finance Industry

According to a National Association of Manufacturing and Deloitte report, the US will have a shortage of up to 3.5 million STEM workers by 2025. Bank of America and INROADS have partnered to address this crisis through the College Links program.

INROADS College Links, a college and career readiness program, offers mentorship, professional development, and educational resources, fostering a path to academic achievement and future career success. Charlotte, NC, has a thriving economic landscape with leadership and job opportunities in government, finance, and healthcare. The program will give Charlotte’s underrepresented high school students a competitive advantage to secure a career in these fields.

“Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics all work together to create a robust financial services industry. Bank of America realizes this and has joined INROADS to prepare the next generation of diverse talent for success in the various pathways across the industries,” said Forest T. Harper, Jr., CEO of INROADS

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College Links is an acclaimed program that helps address America’s racial wealth gap. According to Foundation 99, the racial wealth gap is widening rather than shrinking. Bank of America has a longstanding reputation for creating a diverse workplace that helps bring change and solve this issue for diverse communities.

“We build a stronger and more inclusive community by helping young individuals access quality education and career pathways,” said Bank of America Consumer & Small Business Third Party Executive, Angela Rivers. “Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the future of our city.”

INROADS has experienced significant growth through its program with current host cities, including Atlanta; Birmingham, Charleston, Detroit; West Virginia; Chicago; Cincinnati; Dallas; Houston; Nashville; Oakland; Orlando; Newark; Salt Lake City; San Antonio; Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota; and Washington DC. INROADS College Links will also launch in St. Louis in the coming months.

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