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CURevl Unveils Dynamic Transformation as RevlTek


As the organization continues to expand and diversify its products and services, RevlTek will now replace CuRevl as the master brand.

Today, CUREVL LLC (CURevl) proudly announces its rebranding to RevlTek (RevlTek) reflecting its broadened reach into additional consumer finance products and its continued expansion of education-focused products and services. RevlTek will serve as the master brand to Colleging, WellBridge CareCard and the college planning tool TuitionU. This strategic evolution reflects the organization’s unwavering commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and excellence.

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RevlTek represents a bold step forward, symbolizing its dedication to empowering the organization’s partners and consumers with innovative solutions that redefine standards and exceed expectations. Building upon the foundation laid by CURevl, RevlTek embodies the core values of partnership, culture, authenticity, integrity, solutions, and charity.

“I have long found it interesting that some within our industry try to steer their business models away from the Fintech label,” stated Lance Teinert, RevlTek’s Chief Executive Officer. “With this branding change we proudly exclaim that our growing company is a formidable combination of CUSO and Fintech, leveraging our very own technology to build, develop and broaden our credit union ecosystem.”

RevlTek is committed to serving its valued customers, partners, and stakeholders through the delivery of unparalleled quality, reliability, and innovation to address the evolving needs of a dynamic industry landscape.

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