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Industry Navigator Unveils Massive State IT Vendor Payment Data Integration

Industry Navigator Unveils Massive State IT Vendor Payment Data Integration

Newest Feature Adds Data from Over Two Million IT-specific Transactions

Industry Navigator, a state and local government and education market intelligence tool, has launched a new feature to provide a comprehensive view of the competitive SLED landscape.

State IT vendor payments data benefits salespeople looking to identify potential partnerships, better understand the competition within their targeted states and refine their sales pitches. Marketers can use the data to help them construct campaigns and promotional materials that will resonate with their audience based on trends and prior purchase data.

“We took a deep dive into state government transparency sites to find and map procurement activity from a large volume of historical data,” said Mike Driessen, VP of Subscription Services at Government Technology. “We analyzed 53 million vendor payments to isolate and provide our users data from IT-specific transactions worth billions of dollars.”

In addition to Navigator’s inventory of 14,000 statewide contracts and awarded procurements, members now have access to nearly two million payments to IT vendors over the last two years.

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Navigator employs a multi-disciplinary team of market research, data, and AI experts focused on driving innovation that accelerates business development success for SLED IT vendors. The team assessed vendor payments across the 28 states that currently make their data publicly available and found 22 with IT-specific data. In the near future, they’ll be adding years of additional data across these states with plans to release targeted city and county data in Q4 of 2024.

The new dataset leverages artificial intelligence to provide rich technology tagging that surfaces relevant vendor payments. Among other advantages, this data can be used to track changes in the spending behavior of states and identify under-serviced departments that may need specific technology solutions.

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