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Non-Bank Lender Leading the Way in Small Business Funding

Non-Bank Lender Leading the Way in Small Business Funding

As many enterprising small business owners would know, getting finance can be a major thorn in the side, with one in every four small and medium enterprises (SMEs) getting rejected by banks. According to the Australian Banking Association, 60 per cent of aspiring small business owners say that access to small business loans has stifled their business ownership plans

Some of the most innovative Australian businesses fall into the ‘small business’ category, yet trying to take advantage of growth opportunities is no easy task. If the big banks are turning your small business loan application away, a flexible, non-bank lender such as Liberty Financial could have the solution.

Alternative lenders have always played an important role in bridging the gap between traditional financial institutions’ offerings and the unique needs of small business owners. For almost 40 years, non-bank lenders have established themselves as an attractive alternative for Australian business owners and home buyers.

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Today, lenders like Liberty provide a wide range of finance options and offer borrowers an alternative to getting a bank loan. They can offer more flexible products, and because of their unique approach to lending, can tailor loans for borrowers who don’t fit into the big banks’ narrow lending criteria.

Additionally, with non-bank lenders, just because an applicant has been turned down by the bank, it doesn’t mean they are a high credit risk. Often, it is actually the limited capabilities of the banks which prevent them from understanding the unique circumstances of SMEs. For example, those who are self-employed might not have completed tax returns, which means bank lenders might reject their loan application. However, the Liberty approach looks at other documentation such as bank statements or quarterly activity statements. With their specialist credit assessment practices, Liberty can even help those with lower credit scores to secure small business loans.

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So, whether you’re in search of refinancing or cash flow solutions, or perhaps looking to expand a successful venture, exploring small business loans from Liberty could provide your business with the support it needs to grow.

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