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economyx.AI Uses Machine Learning to Pull Insights From US Economic News

economyx.AI Uses ML to Pull Insights From US Economic News
The US economy is $25 trillion of activity, by 330 million people, over 3.8 million square miles. Wanna to see how it’s all doing?

Google has been spectacularly successful in its mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible. But is more information always better?

A simple search like “how’s the economy doing?” now retrieves thousands of results. Going through them leaves most people feeling confused and drained. It’s a state psychologists call decision fatigue, when the brain runs out of mental energy needed to make sound decisions.

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Austin, TX based financial information startup, economyx.AI is aiming to build a world where AI takes on some of that cognitive load. “We see AI as a tool to enable cognitive amplification.” says co-founder, Akeel Din. “Our AI presents users with the insights they’re looking for rather than raw information. Asking ‘how’s the economy doing?’ on our site will give you actual answers, presented in a way that the brain can easily absorb. It frees your mind to make decisions based on those insights.” He went on to add.

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Financial professionals are already benefiting. “I get a lot of engagement through social media.” says Matt Raine a financial advisor at TG Asset Management. “But It was hard work to research and post quality updates every day. economyx.AI gives me ready to use insights on sectors and regions. They make perfect social media posts.” added Raine.

Timely economic insights are just one reason why economyx.AI content is showing up everywhere. Business and finance journalists, bloggers and social media commentators are given generous copyright terms that let them use content directly in their articles, blogs and videos just by attribution.

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