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Bank of Sun Prairie Partners with 360 View to Empower Their Customer Relationship-Focused Culture

Bank of Sun Prairie Partners with 360 View to Empower Their Customer Relationship-Focused Culture
  • Wisconsin’s locally-owned Bank of Sun Prairie signs on to 360 View’s CRM platform to add a new set of relationship tools in keeping with their commitment to innovative banking solutions with a customer-centered focus.
  • 360 View will provide the more-than-a-century old Dane County bank with a continuously updating view of each customer through their base CRM in addition to a robust set of marketing automation tools that are easy to use and designed for customization.

360 View, a provider of customer relationship management software specifically for financial institutions, announced its new partnership with Bank of Sun Prairie, a $490 million asset community bank in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, to implement their popular CRM growth platform.

360 View partners with Bank of Sun Prairie to personalize and elevate customer relationships through their CRM and marketing automation tool.

Motivated by an internal culture more and more attune to customer conversations and the many ways the bank can help customers, Bank of Sun Prairie knew it was time to add the right digital tools to support and expand this focus. They will be implementing 360 View’s base CRM and their Marketing Automation Module. Working together the platform will bring accurate and pertinent relationship information to the customer point of contact and bring the ability to scale the personalization.

John Loeffler, Senior Vice-President, Retail Banking indicates they took their time in identifying the best fit in a CRM partner, and 360 View being specifically developed for financial institutions was a big plus along with their experience integrating with Bank of Sun Prairie’s core provider. “360 really had it all for us,” Loeffler explains, “and the marketing automation was a pretty significant edge (over) the competitors.” He emphasizes that their application of the CRM truly is about relationship, “it really is all about relationships and getting to know your customers and it’s not about product pushing, it’s about education and customizing our conversations to (customers).”

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As a vendor, 360 View prides itself in the long-term partnership model. Joyce Colin, National Sales Representative with 360 View, offers, “We refer to our platform as the growth platform because our tools fuel growth in the organization, but also because we are committed to grow with our business partners, offering our services all along the way.” Colin says that includes guidance during implementation and ongoing professional services as a bank grows and changes. Bill Niebuhr, Vice President, Risk, Sales & Training Manager, at Bank of Sun Prairie explains, “I go through a large number of software installations in my role at the bank here and work with a lot of vendors. I really like (360 View’s) approach . . . the flexibility to do many things to adjust the system to fit our needs and how they take us through those situations one at a time to have us think about it, practice it, (and) show what we’ve done. It has . . . set us up for success in what we are trying to do.”

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Loeffler is confident in the new partnership with 360 View and what it will add to an already successful history. He explains, “We are at a place now that we are having more proactive conversations with our customers, and we need to be able to document that; we need to be able to show our customers the entirety of what the bank can offer. I’m pretty excited to have (that information) at our fingertips.” With four branches all in Dane County, Bank of Sun Prairie says they understand what it means to serve individuals, families, and businesses in their local community. They boast highly competitive rates along with quick decisions made locally for their customers.

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