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Botkeeper to Host Virtual Book Launch Event for new “Botkeeper For Dummies” Book Co-Authored by Jody Padar

Botkeeper Revolutionizes The Accounting Industry By Turning Leads To CPAs And Industry Professionals

As part of its ongoing mission of streamlining and scaling bookkeeping in the Accounting Industry, Botkeeper, a leading automated bookkeeping solution purpose-built for Accounting Firms, today announced an exciting virtual book launch event to unveil the transformational “Botkeeper For Dummies” book, to be released during the event on 9/16.

“Botkeeper For Dummies” is an introduction to the Botkeeping methodology and Botkeeper platform. It’s an easy, straightforward glance at a not-so-simple concept and a baseline on why bringing automation in your practice is so important. In this book, we walk through Botkeeper’s unique solution-based toolset and introduce basic modes of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Co-authored by a heavy-hitting lineup of contributors including Industry expert and CPA Jody Padar, VP of Strategy at Botkeeper, and author of the Radical CPA book series, Byron Patrick,  accounting industry leader, CPA & VP of Growth & Success at Botkeeper, Chris Mahl, experienced executive with multiple IPOs and the President & CRO at Botkeeper, and Enrico Palmerino, serial entrepreneur, accounting industry innovator, and the CEO and Founder at Botkeeper.

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After reading the book, Tom Hood, Chief Executive Officer Of MACPA, Inc says “We have been hearing the Bots are coming to replace us, but “Botkeeper For Dummies” changes that paradigm. The Bots are here and if we work with them, they can become a new superpower for us and Botkeeper for Dummies shows us how.”

“We’ve been talking about using technology for years,” said Padar, “Finally, there is a guide that goes beyond just understanding the technology and actually facilitates firm transformation.  From new hires to partners, everyone has something to learn to help improve their firm and ultimately their life.”

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