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Daily Fintech Series Roundup: Top Fintech News, Analytics and Insights

Daily Fintech Series Roundup: Top Fintech News, Analytics and Insights 1st March 2023

FTS Daily Roundup starts today! We are covering the top updates from around the world. The updates will feature state-of-the-art capabilities in Fintech insights, Trending fintech news, Crypto, Fintech SaaS, Fintech Cloud, Analytics and AI ML. We will cover the role of FTS Daily Roundup and its application in various industries and daily.

Commonwealth Credit Union Partners with Upstart for Personal Lending

Commonwealth Credit Union, a leading credit union with more than 117,000 members in Central Kentucky and the Louisville Metro Area, announced that it has partnered with Upstart, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) lending marketplace, to provide personal loans to more Kentuckians.

MetaMonkey AI Reveals MMAI PureWallet – The First Ever Digital Wallet with Rapid Offline Payment Transaction Capabilities

On the precipice of releasing their v2 of the MMAI Wallet, MetaMonkey AI unveils the innovative and cutting-edge capabilities of its new digital wallet, which essentially provides cold wallet capabilities without the extra cost or complication.

Paybito Offers Crypto Payment Gateway Solutions To An Australian Financial Institution

Crypto payment processors are quickly growing in prominence. Over 18000 enterprises accept digital asset payments including giants from the domains of technology, automobile, fast food chains, insurance, and more. International crypto exchange PayBito recently made a contribution to the growing Australian crypto community, offering its white-label crypto payment gateway to a major institution providing financial services.

KOBA Insurance Chooses Socotra Policy Core Platform to Expand UBI Product Portfolio

Socotra, the modern core platform provider for innovative insurers, announced that KOBA Insurance, an insurtech MGA pioneering usage-based insurance products in Australia, is migrating its insurance program onto the Socotra policy core platform.

Canvas Launches Layer 2 Scaling Solution For Gasless DeFi Transactions On Ethereum Testnet

CANVAS, a leading DeFi infrastructure company, is excited to announce the testnet launch of CANVAS Connect, the Layer 2 scaling solution built for the digital economy. CANVAS Connect was built in collaboration with StarkWare. The service will allow users to complete DeFi transactions without paying the prohibitively high and unpredictable gas costs whilst still benefiting from Ethereum security.

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