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Dalrada Corporation Brings Metaverse-Based Digital Ecosystem to Averett University

Dalrada Corporation Brings Metaverse-Based Digital Ecosystem to Averett University

Company’s proprietary technology will create next-generation Web 3.0 experiences including digital currency exchange for students

Dalrada Financial Corporation announced last week its breakthrough partnership with Averett University in Virginia to design, develop, and implement a unique digital ecosystem while creating an immersive metaverse experience for students.

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“Delivering an educational experience like this to Averett University gives us the ability to immerse students in the digital environment of the future”

The futuristic experience will be gifted to the university by Dalrada to help educate Averett students on the ownership of data, personalized artificial intelligence, and the effects of digital currency on an economic system.

Dalrada will facilitate the metaverse experience through proprietary technology and specific tools that will ultimately lead to further learning and the understanding of the foundational technologies to establish a modern metaverse-based economic system. Dalrada is expected to invest over $2 million to create this cutting-edge Web 3.0 educational experience.

The new metaverse builds on Dalrada’s existing partnership with technology incubator, imagineeer, and is made possible through a larger clean energy initiative on the Averett University campus which will also deliver significant cost savings.

The effort will include digital twinning capabilities that will not only optimize energy use across the campus and capture carbon emissions reductions, but will create new educational opportunities focused on data-driven sustainability initiatives. Additionally, the partnership is expected to help Averett University tackle ongoing societal challenges – including student happiness and overall wellness.

The partnership may set the bar for colleges across the country while providing students with the tools they need to be successful after graduation. Averett students will gain firsthand knowledge and experience to compete for jobs that will drive the industries of the future.

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According to Averett University President, Dr. Tiffany Franks, “Partnering with Dalrada will ensure that Averett does its part to foster an educational environment designed to propel our students into the digital future, preparing them to not only find jobs after they leave, but help create them as well.”

Recognizing the advanced technology capabilities of the metaverse highlights its importance to organizations like college campuses: “Delivering an educational experience like this to Averett University gives us the ability to immerse students in the digital environment of the future,” said Jose Arrieta, Dalrada’s Chief Strategy Officer and President of Dalrada Technologies. “When students participate in a metaverse-based ecosystem with digital twinning capabilities, they gain immeasurable experience that will help them long after they graduate.”

Echoing Dr. Franks’ sentiments, Arrieta confirmed, “Our goal is to eventually have students create the jobs of the future rather than just look for the jobs of the future.”

Dalrada’s innovative approach toward digital ecosystems leverages modern capabilities that will ultimately revolutionize the scale and speed at which additional related technologies can be adopted

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