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Eviden and Microsoft Collaborate to Help Customers Take Advantage of the Microsoft Cloud and Generative AI

Eviden and Microsoft Collaborate to Help Customers Take Advantage of the Microsoft cloud and Generative AI

Eviden brings together its expertise in Machine Learning and AI with Azure OpenAI service

Eviden, the Atos Group business leading in digital, cloud, big data, and security, is collaborating with Microsoft to help clients, across industries, move to the cloud, and facilitating their use of Azure OpenAI Service.

AI-focused partnership

Eviden will leverage its expertise in Machine Learning (ML) and AI, and Azure OpenAI Service to foster joint go-to-market activities and to expand Eviden’s AI-driven industry solutions.

Leveraging CoPilot

As a trusted Microsoft partner, with its team of experts and readiness offerings, Eviden enables businesses to fully leverage the potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot. Eviden follows Microsoft’s AI adoption methodology to help businesses optimize data with expert assessment, identifying gaps, and implementing best practices. This enables high-quality content creation, relevant information search, and effective AI-powered collaboration with Microsoft Copilot.

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Accelerating the Business Journey to GenAI

Eviden’s Generative AI Acceleration Program helps businesses and organizations utilize, scale, and leverage the power of Generative AI with complete trust. With a unique positioning in Europe that spans the entire AI spectrum, from supercomputers (#1 in Europe and #3 worldwide1) to hybrid cloud and edge, Eviden has an unmatched depth of expertise and experience that brings together services, software, and hardware.

With over 19,500 hybrid cloud practitioners, Eviden provides trusted consultancy on Azure and major data platforms (Databricks, SnowFlake) so users can industrialize and scale their Generative AI applications into robust enterprise-class solutions through finely tuned and tailor-made Generative AI models.

Microsoft and Eviden will invest in developing and delivering Generative AI solutions, leveraging Eviden’s Generative AI Acceleration Program, boosted with 8,000 data and AI experts spread across North America, EMEA, and APAC, to drive client adoption.

Unique IP and Accelerators

Eviden’s experience and expertise, combined with its IP and accelerators such as Knowledge Pilot and Azure OpenAI Launchpad which are part of a full range of Accelerators in its Generative AI Acceleration Program, will help organizations accelerate the adoption of GenAI with cloud-native technologies.

Eviden Knowledge Pilot is an AI-powered knowledge search tool that integrates with existing knowledge repositories and increases productivity by 30%. It acts as an assistant that provides personalized step-by-step guides and insightful responses, promoting transparency and enhancing trust, revolutionizing the support approach, and setting new standards in customer satisfaction.

Azure OpenAI Launchpad offers open-source transparency and future-ready tech to create AI-driven apps easily. This offer is for software engineers with generative AI and large language models (LLMs). Designed to simplify integration, Eviden has created a robust and secure application and deployment.

Stew Gibson, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at USI Insurance Services said, “Our collaboration with Eviden over the last four months has helped us refine our GenAI strategy, identify the core competencies, and lay the groundwork in Azure for building our next-generation of [GenAI]-powered applications.”

“Together, Eviden and Microsoft are empowering organizations to achieve more with AI,” said Kelly Rogan, CVP of Global System Integrators and Advisory Partner for Microsoft. “With Eviden’s Generative AI solution offerings and capabilities and Azure OpenAI, we can help our customers transform their businesses with data-centric and secure digital solutions.”

Michael Liebow, Global Head of Cloud at Eviden, at Atos Group said, “In an era where innovation is paramount, more and more organizations are looking to harness the power of generative AI in their cloud strategy. Together with Microsoft, we are providing our customers with new, advanced solutions that will enable them to do just this and drive business transformation.”

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