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Innovative Payment Solutions, Inc. Launches Joint Marketing Venture with Planet Hunny, Inc. to Expand its Reach to the U.S. Latino community

Innovative Payment Solutions

Innovative Payment Solutions (“Innovative” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: IPSI), a U.S.-based fintech company building a 21st century digital payment solution, today announces the launch of a joint marketing venture with social marketing company Planet Hunny, Inc (“Planet Hunny”) to help expand the Company’s reach to the U.S.-based Latino community of 17 million people.

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The joint marketing venture will leverage Planet Hunny’s influencers in order to reach specific Latin-American markets to expand Innovative’s access to Hispanic users and also will work toward the cross-pollination of all customers in Innovative’s network, introducing them to Planet Hunny.

Innovative brings to the joint marketing venture its extensive experience from the five years of its operations in Mexico, with over 2 million local users and a built-up fintech ecosystem in place that uses multiple devices in order to help meet the needs of both consumers and service providers.

Planet Hunny has established relationships with a variety of influencers and celebrities in sports, modeling and the pageantry world and is able to reach audiences of between 10 million and 20 million people in these niches, resulting in a scope of more than 35 million total users. Planet Hunny’s association with Being Latino, one of the nation’s leading U.S. Hispanic social media marketing companies, should also be particularly invaluable, and it is expected that its influencer and celebrity force will act as a traffic generator for the Innovative platform and ecosystem through a joint collaboration and marketing campaign.

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“We see a tremendous opportunity for Innovative to reach new users, including millennials and Gen Z, by entering into this relationship,” stated William Corbett, president and CEO of Innovative. “Planet Hunny’s network and marketing expertise will provide us with additional exposure to Latino communities while approaching vertical markets. We believe it is a perfect tool to reach more users and offer our services to targeted underbanked and unbanked Latin-American users. Planet Hunny has built a solid team of seasoned professionals with a strong advisory board. We are extremely excited about this engagement.”

“Planet Hunny is a believer in execution,” added Jeff Vanderpol, president and founder of Planet Hunny. “Our companies have identified multiple points where our interests are mutually aligned, and we view this engagement as beneficial to our respective business models. Innovative will be our major fintech client, and we are looking forward to leveraging our expertise, merging our efforts and serving the unbanked/underbanked communities together.”

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