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Mazoola (SM) Teaches Kids About Gift Giving and Social Responsibility with A Safe, Smart and Easy to Use Family Digital Wallet

Mazoola (SM) Teaches Kids About Gift Giving and Social Responsibility with A Safe, Smart and Easy to Use Family Digital Wallet
Giving Tuesday is Coming Up Soon! Give Your Kids the Gift of Gratitude and Empathy this Season.

The gifting season is upon us and REGO’s digital wallet platform, Mazoola is excited to provide parents and guardians with a tool to help kids learn about the value of social responsibility. With Mazoola, children and teens can build key life traits like confidence, gratitude, and empathy, while learning lasting financial habits around how to earn money, set savings goals, give to friends and family, and even donate to more than 300,000 nonprofit organizations – all with a parental co-pilot at their side.

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A common concern among parents during the holiday timeframe is how to help their children enjoy giving during a time when they are much more eager to receive. The Mazoola app is designed to offer safe and secure banking transactions for kids with parental controls, but it also incorporates important charitable capabilities, built with the goal of getting children to feel more closely connected to their local communities and life passions. For example, if a child loves the outdoors, they can choose to donate to their favorite National Park, and if they love animals, they can support a local Humane Society. Charitable contributions allow kids to gain valuable perspectives on those less fortunate than themselves, producing a more grateful and compassionate youth for the future.

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“The winter holiday season is the perfect time to teach kids about generosity,” said REGO Head of Strategy Dan Aptor. “Giving gifts and donating to nonprofit organizations is a very rewarding feeling, and it’s important for kids to learn about what it feels like to give and not just receive. Mazoola teaches kids the value of money, the cost of gifts, the responsibility of saving, and the experience of giving.”

It is important to teach kids how to budget and save money, but it is also important to empower them to make their own decisions about who they want to buy a present for or which organizations they would like to support – Mazoola does that in a safe, fun and interactive way. The app is available and free to download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. A one-year membership is available at no cost with the option to cancel anytime.

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