Banking Business Fintech News Launches Three New Products That Reach Beyond Bookkeeping Launches Three New Products That Reach Beyond Bookkeeping

Pilot is evolving into a single provider to handle all SMB’s financial needs

Pilot, the leading provider of bookkeeping services for startups and small businesses, announced that it has launched three new products: R&D Tax Credit, CFO Services, and Extended Services. These products highlight Pilot’s momentum towards becoming a one-stop, trusted provider that takes the grunt work, stress, and uncertainty out of financial services.

Pilot launched in 2017 to bring bookkeeping into the modern era. With its special blend of custom software and finance experts, Pilot delivers accurate, consistent bookkeeping that gives entrepreneurs the freedom to focus on their business. The company raised a $40 million Series B in 2019 to accelerate adoption of its best-in-class bookkeeping service and fuel product development. Pilot currently handles the bookkeeping for more than $840M in run-rate revenue.

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“We founded Pilot because we knew there was a massive opportunity to streamline and improve bookkeeping,” said co-founder and CEO Waseem Daher. “Customers love our bookkeeping and tax products and continually ask us to build tools that help address their adjacent needs with the same precision and expertise they’ve come to rely on. Customers see us as their finance team, and with these exciting new services, we are delivering on that promise.”

Based on customer demand, Pilot is expanding its services to three new products: R&D Tax Credit, CFO Services, and Extended Services.

  • R&D Tax Credits: Worth up to $250,000 per year, the R&D tax credit can help SMBs and startups save and re-invest millions to scale their businesses. The credit encourages innovation by incentivizing SMBs to invest heavily in research and development activities. The challenge is that many businesses don’t know they qualify or how to claim it, especially since it’s a complicated process. Pilot’s R&D tax credit solution handles the full claiming process, from qualifying to administering the credit through payroll. Now businesses can save time and potentially millions to grow their business.
  • CFO Services: Many small businesses and startups don’t have the resources for dedicated finance teams. They rely on Pilot to fill strategic gaps, which can include fundraising strategy, budgeting, unit economics, and more advanced financial analytics. Pilot’s CFO Services can stand in for a FP&A person, a CFO, or a controller, providing SMBs access to financial expertise and support they need in an efficient, affordable way.
  • Extended Services: Pilot’s Extended Services can handle a wide range of bookkeeping-adjacent activities, enabling Pilot greater flexibility to help companies run their back office. Pilot can assist customers with everything from creating monthly reports, generating invoices, following up with customers for collections, initiating payments to a vendor, and/or paying bills. Whatever the issue is, Pilot can tackle it.

“I was really drawn to the marriage of technology and bookkeeping services. But I also appreciated Pilot’s level of strategic involvement—as a real partner who could help us think not just about the books but about the company more holistically,” Romish Badani, CEO of Bridge.

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