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Proxima360 Supercharges Algo Retailing With Adivino Upgrades


Adivino gives retailers an edge with the power of data and AI-driven forecasting  

Proxima360, leading consultants and developers of innovative technology for retail operations, announced that its AI-powered financial planning platform Adivino has been enhanced with new features that enable retailers to more easily deploy cash-flow forecasting, sales forecasting and more. Key updates to the platform include:

  • Improved user interface for setting cashflow goals and deadlines.

  • Capability to review forecast results in real-time and upload to other financial platforms.

“With Adivino we are helping retailers make better decisions by giving them a clearer view of their financial operations,” stated Proxima360 CEO Anil Varghese. “With these new upgrades, Adivino is now one of the most powerful financial forecasting tools on the market. Not only do retailers get the intelligence needed to make great sales and inventory decisions, they also get precision cash-flow insights that help drive better financial outcomes.”

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Proxima360 created Adivino to address the challenges associated with ad-hoc data reporting. To do this, Adivino utilizes both AI and human intelligence to turn hidden problems into variables. Adivino then transforms those variables into possible scenarios that could impact its customer’s business. Unlike manual data processes, these auto-generated scenarios create accurate forecasting models that require very few alterations or interventions by staff.

“Adivino enables retail businesses like ours to eliminate laborious, inaccurate reporting methodologies,” said Alexandra Anderson, Former Director of Finance, JCPenney. “With Adivino, organizations are able to eliminate the expensive cycle of the past and replace it with a more efficient and accurate method that offers complete insights. Scanning through spreadsheets and analyzing outdated, inaccurate data is no way to run a business. Adivino gives the edge needed during these unprecedented times within the retail industry.”

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With Adivino retailers can:

  • Deploy AI-assisted cash-flow forecasting. Retailers can integrate their strategies and financial objectives into forecast models in support of their cash-flow goals.

  • Generate sales forecasts. Retailers can adjust forecast model parameters in order to figure out forecasted sales to optimally allocate merchandise.

  • Develop smart payments and collections. Adivino enables retailers to determine optimal payment and collection strategies to meet cash-flow goals and deadlines.

Backed by over 20 years of industry experience, Proxima360 is a retail industry consulting, software development and systems integrator. Specialties include ERP implementation, retail solutions support, supply chain transformation and more. In addition to Adivino, Proxima360 also has an inventory allocation optimization solution that provides key product recommendations, including the right quantity for the right color/size for a specific retail store.

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