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Raymond James Ltd. Selects FactSet to Provide Market Data for Canadian Financial Advisors

Raymond James Ltd. Selects FactSet to Provide Market Data for Canadian Financial Advisors

FactSet, a global provider of integrated financial information, analytical applications, and industry-leading service, announced that it has been selected by Raymond James Ltd. as its market data provider for financial advisors in Canada.

FactSet is working with Raymond James Ltd. to implement its web-based Wealth Workstation to over 900 wealth management professionals. The virtual implementation will provide them with personalized and efficient access to comprehensive multi-asset class market data and analytics within a modern and easy-to-use platform.

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FactSet’s Wealth Workstation will also integrate Raymond James Ltd.’s internal model portfolios and approved lists, strengthening financial advisors’ collaboration with home office research and strategy teams. This integration will support productivity and efficiency by delivering tailored and actionable portfolio insights to enhance their client engagement efforts. Seamless web and mobile connectivity will allow for remote use to accommodate flexible working environments without compromising users’ access.

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“Our work with Raymond James Ltd. highlights our ability to provide enterprise solutions that streamline wealth management workflows with an intuitive platform that helps advisors be better informed, connected, and productive,” said Goran Skoko, Executive Vice President, Research and Wealth Management Solutions, FactSet. “We are excited to collaborate with Raymond James’ Canadian team, who are committed to enhancing the advisor experience with better technology, driving stronger results for them and their clients.”

“Ensuring our advisors have the best possible technology and data support to better serve their clients is a key priority for Raymond James,” said Jamie Coulter, Executive Vice President, Wealth Management, Raymond James Ltd. “FactSet’s solution raises the bar in our ability to deliver best in class market data and provide for our advisors and the individual investors and families they serve.”

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