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ServiceNow and Hedera Enable Cross-Organizational Digital Workflows

ServiceNow and Hedera Enable Cross-Organizational Digital Workflows

Hedera announced that ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company making work, work better for people, is integrating the Now Platform with Hedera to bring a new level of trust and accountability to digital transformation transactions. ServiceNow acts as the central engine that powers all digital transformation initiatives in one enterprise-wide solution, and Hedera is enabling the highest-grade security for internal and cross-organization network transactions. Together, ServiceNow and Hedera will deliver the trusted workflows powered by digital ledger technology (DLT) for experiences that extend beyond any one organization.

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“Hedera is poised to become the foundation and primary broker of trust and transparency for the digital economy and ServiceNow is bringing that strategic foundation to our powerful workflow experiences,” said Tasker Generes, Global Head of Strategy and Transformation at ServiceNow. “This partnership will streamline the process of breaking down boundaries between separate entities by helping to ensure the highest level of trust and accountability. For the first time, leaders can feel confident in investing in cross-organizational workflows to streamline any process to provide a better outcome.”

As part of this partnership, ServiceNow has joined the Hedera Governing Council, which consists of a diversified group of organizations and enterprises, including ServiceNow customers and partners, who are collectively committed to governing and extending Hedera capabilities, while bringing stability continued decentralization to the public network.

“ServiceNow is the digital workflow leader and its platform and products can now leverage the unique capabilities of the Hedera network within enterprise applications,” said Mance Harmon, CEO of Hedera Hashgraph. “Companies across industries will be able to use the Now Platform and Hedera Consensus, Token, and Smart Contract Services within their applications, speeding the adoption of DLT in four main areas of digital workflows – process & data integrity, tokenization, decentralized identity, and multi-party business processes. ServiceNow’s participation on the governing council will accelerate the adoption of Hedera as the DLT of choice for enterprises.”

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The practical applications of the possibilities unlocked through this partnership include the ability to link together every touchpoint in a customer’s journey. Instead of making separate purchases for a sporting event – tickets, transportation, apparel, food, etc. – this technology would create a trusted connection between each of those separate vendors that can be leveraged to deliver one seamless purchase journey.

ServiceNow and Hedera will jointly deliver the following features on the Now Platform that will facilitate increased trust in cross-organizational workflows:

  • Simplified DLT Adoption: ServiceNow will enable simple, seamless, and low-code DLT adoption on the Now Platform, reducing the barriers to DLT adoption.
  • Improved Process Records: ServiceNow will leverage Hedera to generate an immutable, auditable, and traceable record of key interactions and transactions, delivering more accurate and complete process records for process optimization.
  • Multi-party Connected Workflows: DLT enhances the quality and safety of connections, connecting complete value streams for complex ecosystems such as those for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Internet of Things (IoT) and supply chains.
  • Digital Proof / Token as a service: Real-time consensus and notarization of events alongside tokenization of digital assets and representation and exchange of value on the Now Platform.
  • Decentralized Identity & Privacy Management: A global framework to reduce complex third-party management and assurance of identity and personal information.

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