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Synctera Announces New Developer Program That Dramatically Speeds up Time to Market for FinTech Founders and Also Launches Support for Business Accounts

Synctera Announces New Developer Program That Dramatically Speeds up Time to Market for FinTech Founders and Also Launches Support for Business Accounts

FinTech Banking provider signs Middesk as KYB partner and Arroweye as card production partner

Synctera, a new FinTech Banking solution, launched t-minus10 today, an innovation that enables any developer to build an end-to-end FinTech application in a matter of days, including card issuance. t-minus10 will dramatically decrease time to market for FinTechs by giving them the tools to create a prototype, test with live cards and accounts and set up a waitlist. With this in hand a FinTech now has a much easier path to find their ideal partner bank and set of investors pre-launch.

“So we added several new capabilities to the platform to meet the needs of this huge and exciting segment.”

“For most FinTech startups, their story begins with a crazy idea, an ambitious founder or two and a few determined developers,” said Peter Hazlehurst, CEO of Synctera. “We launched t-minus10 to make it easy to bring these ideas to life as quickly as possible—everything we’re building is about setting these teams up for success and getting to market faster.”

Developers Asked. Synctera Delivered. Pre-launch support with t-minus10

With t-minus10, developers will be able to build their FinTech on the Synctera platform, issue virtual or physical cards within days, and start testing their MVP or beta—all before even engaging with a bank or landing funding. Historically, there has been no way to test a debit card program, send an ACH or push funds to a debit-card in the real-world. Life was sandboxes and theory. Experimentation and prototyping was effectively impossible. t-minus10 solves the founder conundrum: banks want them to be venture funded, and VCs know that bank supply is limited and thus require a sponsor bank to be partnered up.

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What do you need as your first idea comes to light? A pre-engaged community of FinTech customers for your idea. Synctera today is launching Synctera Waitlist, a free and simple integrated platform designed to capture initial interest and encourage pre-engagement and leaderboards to virally prepare for launch day. With Synctera Waitlist, FinTechs can identify and engage with potential early adopters, keep them informed via an email subscription, reward them for referrals and onboard customers to pilot phases in a controlled manner.

Synctera is giving the first issued debit card for every t-minus10 FinTech $100 to swipe or tap for coffee, a burger or a bottle of wine to help you test in the real world, pre-launch!

For a limited time, we’re offering exciting promotions to join our waitlist. Be one of the first 20 developers to sign-up and get an additional $150 pre-loaded in your account to test your service ($250 total).

Spread the love, cut the queue. Refer your friends and move up the leaderboard for a chance at early-access to t-minus10 and cash prizes. For every successful referral, you’ll move up a spot on the list for even earlier access. The top three people on the waitlist at the close of the promotion period will earn cash prizes of $5,000, $3,000, and $2,000, respectively.

Ready to launch, and be matched to a partner bank in the Synctera Marketplace? Synctera is giving away $5,000 to the first FinTech that launches through t-minus10 so get prototyping!

Card Production and Personalization Made Easy Thanks To Partnership with Arroweye Solutions

Synctera is also pleased to announce its partnership with Arroweye Solutions, which will enable on-demand physical card production and fulfillment on the Synctera platform. Arroweye’s flexible, on-demand capabilities make it easy for fintechs to create flexible card designs, including the ability to have a custom photo/image per card.

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Expanding FinTech Banking for Businesses

Building on its strong momentum supporting consumer-facing FinTechs since its launch in late 2020, Synctera is extending its platform to support FinTechs serving business customers, signing TipHaus as the first business focused FinTech on the Synctera platform, and Middesk as a strategic partner for Know Your Business (KYB) services.

Through Synctera’s platform, FinTechs can now automatically verify business customers using primary government source data with Synctera KYB. Synctera’s platform has also been enhanced to support FinTechs that want to offer interest-bearing deposit accounts to their consumer or business customers. Business accounts include support for multiple debit card holders, separate spending limits and dedicated sub-accounts for employees. Synctera’s unique marketplace approach also helps match business-focused FinTechs with the right bank partner, while equipping them with the banking infrastructure to get to market quickly, streamline day-to-day operations and remain compliant.

“We were seeing tons of demand from FinTechs looking to serve business customers in cool and innovative ways,” said Peter Hazlehurst, CEO of Synctera. “So we added several new capabilities to the platform to meet the needs of this huge and exciting segment.”

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